New Construction Upgrades That Add Value

Of course, it’s great to add trendy design features that make your new house stand out among competing homes, but what are the new construction upgrades that add value to the finished home? When building an investment property from the ground up, there are always new market trends that real estate agents can use to Read this Article »

Fix and Flip Before and After Photos | Hard Money Loan

The flip property renovations featured below were made possible with the talent and hard work of an Anchor Loans borrower using capital from a short term hard money loan from Anchor Loans.   LOS ANGELES, CA  - CONSTRUCTION HARD MONEY LOAN PURCHASE PRICE: $2,150,000 IMPROVEMENTS: $900,000 SOLD PRICE: $4,050,000 This skilled Southern California borrower turned Read this Article »

Four Popular Trends to Consider For Your New Construction Home

Value. Value. Value. That is the number one driving focus of every successful fix and flip investor planning a new construction home. The question is, how can you be sure each design and construction decision will increase the ARV of the property?  While buyers' preferences may vary depending on where in the country you are Read this Article »

Mortgage Forbearance on the Decline for the First Time since March

Just prior to COVID-19 shutting down the U.S. economy, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported the overall home mortgage forbearance rate was 0.25%. That figure skyrocketed past 3% in early April with the pandemic’s devastating economic impact and has continued on a steep rise as the numbers of newly unemployed Americans surpassed 22 million by Read this Article »

Real Estate Scams Are Expected to Rise Due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Prior to the 2020 arrival of COVID-19, there had already been a steep rise in complaints of cyber-based real estate scams received by the FBI. Now, given the social distancing restrictions that are making face-to-face real estate transactions more difficult to arrange, consumers and businesses should be extra careful and skeptical before handing over personal Read this Article »

Work from Home Culture Shift Could Ease Housing Inventory Shortages

Housing Inventory in Metropolitan Areas May Improve While no one is celebrating Covid-19’s near takedown of the U.S. economy,  we may see at least one positive impact of the pandemic on American work culture—that is, with more people permanently working from home, employees will likely move further away from the office, easing the housing inventory Read this Article »

Are Enhanced Unemployment Benefits Keeping Rent Payments on Track?

Q2 rent payments came in at close to normal rates When the COVID-19 crisis emerged in the U.S. in March, rent forbearance measures were adopted in many localities to protect unemployed renters from eviction. At the time, landlords braced for major losses due to their tenants electing to skip rent payments for a few months. Read this Article »

House Flip Before and After Photos | Anchor Funded Construction Loans

House flip before and after photos are like a mini quick-study of successful house flipping, and they are so inspiring to see!  It is very motivating to witness how the vision, creativity, and follow-through of house flip investors can transform distressed properties into these fantastic homes. The house flip before and after photos shown below Read this Article »

Values of Single Family Homes Rising During Covid-19 Crisis

Sales of single-family homes have predictably declined in the first quarter of 2020, due in large part to the effects of Covid-19, but home prices have remained solid and are expected to rise in most markets across the country in the coming months. Prices of Single Family Homes Up 8% Over Last Year As prices Read this Article »

Find Houses to Flip in HOA Communities

As the U.S. housing stock ages over time, real estate investors will increasingly confront unique challenges when they find houses to flip in Home Owners Association (HOA) communities. Since 1960, HOAs have become a staple of the U.S. housing market. According to a 2019 housing data analysis, The Rise and Effects of Homeowners Associations, HOAs govern Read this Article »