National Flood Insurance Program’s New “Risk Rating 2.0” May Cause Problems for Builders

With material costs soaring and natural disasters wreaking unprecedented havoc across the U.S., insurers are boosting flood insurance premiums. On October 1, the National Flood Insurance program – the main provider of flood coverage in the U.S.—rolled out a new pricing method called “Risk Rating 2.0” to more accurately reflect the flood risk individual properties Read this Article »

Are 2021’s Record-Breaking Rent Prices Here to Stay?

While MFR industry watchers debate whether the record-breaking pace of apartment rent prices will slow as year-end approaches, recent data released in the Yardi Matrix National Multifamily Report suggests that any conclusions about prices slowing down may be premature. In October, nationwide asking rents were up 13.4% year over year, marking the highest annualized jump Read this Article »

HPIs Are Now in Record Territory: The Question is, Will They Stay There?

For different reasons, top housing economist say, Yes, HPIs will stay where they are. In July, the CoreLogic Housing Price Index (HPI) jumped 18% year-over-year—the biggest single increase in the 45-year history of the index. The big question now is: is this the top and where do prices go from here? Recently several top housing Read this Article »

Is Home Staging my Flip Really Necessary in this Hot Market?

Considering the heat of the current single-family home market, some real estate investors are asking themselves if the added expense of home staging is really necessary. According to a Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) study conducted prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, of 1,081 sold homes studied, those that were staged prior to being listed sold Read this Article »

Construction Trends in New Builds: How Has Covid Changed Homebuyer “Must Haves?”

Successful builders and house flippers often have an innate sense of what buyers want and, if not, they’re smart enough to enlist the help of architects, landscapers and designers. But even the savviest, most-forward looking builders would probably admit that the past year-and-a half of lockdowns and distancing has changed buyers’ perceptions of what they Read this Article »

When Lumber Prices Fall, Does it Make a Sound?

This spring when lumber prices hit a historic high of $1,515 per thousand board feet, fix and flip and new construction investors were, pardon the pun, floored. Just one year prior, lumber was $352 per tbf, so residential real estate investors were not only asking what on earth could be causing prices to ramp up Read this Article »

Hard Money Jumbo Loans for Multimillion-Dollar Real Estate Investing

Where do real estate investors go for private direct fix and flip or ground-up construction loans over a million dollars? Unfortunately, many direct lenders cap their loan amounts at under $800,000 — but with our expert loan teams and advanced underwriting platform, Anchor can approve and fund viable multimillion-dollar projects with no problem. In fact, Read this Article »

Does the HR1319 Coronavirus Relief Benefit Real Estate Investors?

On March 10, 2021, Congress passed HR1319, a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package known as the “American Rescue Plan of 2021.” President Biden signed the bill into law on March 11th. The Plan expands federal assistance to renters, homeowners, small business owners, the unemployed, and others. Included in the Plan are several provisions that are Read this Article »

SFR Real Estate Investing | 2021 Housing Outlook

With the economic upheaval America experienced in 2020, many house flippers and buy and hold investors are asking how real estate investing will fare in the coming year.  Real Estate Investing | Single Family Home Sector Remains Strong While the Covid-19 pandemic ravaged the U.S. economy last year, single-family housing is one sector that has Read this Article »

Home Prices Up by Double Digits in Many U.S. Markets Despite Covid Economy

Against a bleak backdrop of record Covid-19 infections, high unemployment, a divisive and contested presidential election, and a faltering economy, surprisingly, home prices continue to rise in many markets across the country. Home Prices Rose by Double Digits Over Q3 2019 A recent report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) revealed that, despite expectations Read this Article »