Long-Term Bullish Outlook for Fix-and-Flip and Fix-to-Rent Investing: Pretium Residential Credit Report

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Anchor Loans’ parent company Pretium makes a strong case for the future of single-family residential rehabilitation and remodeling in their May 2023 report, "Long-Term Bullish Outlook for the Housing Rehabilitation Industry."

The report outlines three major contributors to Pretium’s bullish outlook:

1.     Half of U.S. single-family residential homes were built before 1980 and are in need of repair, remodeling and modernization.

2.     Post-pandemic shift to working from home has impacted housing availability nationwide.

3.     An increasing percentage of homebuyers are over age 60, and are seeking modernized homes.

In light of these developments, both Pretium and Anchor Loans express confidence in the long-term outlook for the professional home improvement sector. Backed by a parent with over $50 billion in assets, Anchor Loans remains committed to supporting fix-and-flip investors in the modernization and expansion of single-family housing by continuing to provide quick, dependable financing.

Read Pretium’s Report Here

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