Anchor Loans Launches Third-Party Origination Channel to Serve Brokers, Banks, Lenders and Referral Partners

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New Channel Partners with Brokers, Banks and Private Lenders to Expand Residential Flip, Construction and Rental Financing for SFR Real Estate Investors

Anchor Loans has launched a new Third-Party Originator (TPO) Channel. The new channel serves mortgage brokers, banks, private and non-QM lenders and other referral partners whose clients are America’s home builders, developers, and investors.

The Anchor Loans TPO Channel provides the clients of loan brokers and originators with a comprehensive suite of residential business purpose loan products, including bridge, fix and flip, ground-up construction, and rental investor loans with debt service coverage ratio (DSCR).

Anchor Loans CEO Rayman Mathoda joined Anchor in 2023 with channel expansion as one of her major goals for the company. “Many regional banks and private lenders have scaled back on fix and flip and construction lending, causing home flippers and builders to turn to mortgage brokers and other intermediaries to help identify reliable sources of capital at a moment where our nation’s housing market is in desperate need of millions more move-in ready homes than exist today,” Mathoda explains. “Anchor Loans is deeply committed to expanding housing opportunities for America’s buyers and renters by providing investors with the capital they need to refurbish our nation’s aging homes, and to build new ones.”

TPO lending veteran Tim Landwehr joined Anchor Loans last year, and as Co-Chief Revenue Officer, he has led the design and launch of the new TPO channel. “Our new TPO program is designed to support and protect the strong relationships that exist between loan originators and their clients,” said Landwehr. “At Anchor we are obsessed with delivering exceptional customer value, and our TPO Channel is an expansion of that ideal. We look forward to working with TPOs to help build long-term partnerships between them and their clients.

With 25+ years in business, operations spanning48 states, and more than 33,000 loans funded, Anchor Loans has established itself as a trusted partner for flippers, builders and real estate investors nationwide. Interested mortgage brokers and loan originators can learn more at

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