Florida Real Estate Investing: Top Ten Home Features and Design Trends

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When it comes to successful fix-and-flip and build-to-rent investing in Florida, making wise design decisions can have a huge impact on your ROI. It's critical to strike a balance between what is trendy with what makes the most sense when considering cost to benefit.

According to Redfin.com, during the fourth quarter of 2022 in the state of Florida the ten home features/design trends listed below had the highest sale to list ratio of the 1,500 features parsed in Redfin’s data.  Sale to list reflects how much above or below the seller's asking price buyers are paying for homes with these features.


Feature                                       Sale-to-list ratio      Median Price       Avg views per listing

1  Gourmet Kitchen                    98.0%                      $654,455             316

2  Sprinkler System                    98.0%                      $559,000             305

3  Energy Efficient                      98.0%                      $425,000             224

4  Large Walk-In Closet              97.9%                      $423,906             277

5  Quartz Counters                     97.9%                      $528,900             306

6  Open Concept Living              97.7%                      $458,990             275

7  Irrigation System                     97.7%                      $460,000             278

8  Underground Utilities              97.7%                      $434,970             221

9  Basketball Court                      97.7%                      $459,990            299

10 Double Pane Windows            97.6%                      $411,496             172

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