Anchor Loans Sees Acceleration in Loans to Residential Real Estate Investors in the Miami Market

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While investor activity across the real estate industry slowed in the second half of last year, the Anchor Loans team has accelerated lending in some of the nation’s hottest markets, including Miami and much of Florida.

For 25 years, as a leading private direct lender, Anchor Loans has served the diverse financing needs of professional residential real-estate investors and entrepreneurs. We expect Miami to be a strong market for years to come.

We are Investing in Miami

The following are the most salient reasons our team and our fix-and-flip, build-to-rent and new construction investors believe in the substantial upside available throughout the Miami metro region:

• A healthy and growing inventory of aging homes: these homes exist in prime locations and are ready to be renovated as fix-and-flip or rental property investments;

• Strong sale prices and average rents: these fundamentals have and continue to underpin positive demand trends;

• The Miami metro market’s growth trajectory: according to the latest Census data, the market is one of the fastest growing parts of the fastest growing state – Florida; and

• An ongoing housing supply shortage: the latest estimate is a deficit of 150,000 homes in the Miami metro area.

Anchor Loans is primed to bring our reliable source of funding and exceptional customer experience to bear. We have been an active lender in Miami and Florida over the years, and our team is stepping up lending activities, marketing and recruiting in 2023. We are confident our services can contribute to filling the investment gap left by other providers and also contribute to the development of affordable, quality homes throughout the region.

To real estate investors, developers and builders interested in capitalizing on these compelling investor opportunities in Miami, please know we are here to provide the same customized lending products and elevated customer service that has benefited our investors for almost 25 years.

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