City-Specific Home Staging Tips from Real Estate Pros in Local Markets

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According to a Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) study, of the 1,081 sold homes included in their study, the homes that were staged prior to listing sold on average in just 23 days.

The RESA study found that of 1,081 sold homes, unstaged homes spent an average of 184 days on the market (with no sale) before they were subsequently staged and sold. After staging the unsold homes, they sold on average in 41 days. Homes that were staged prior to being listed sold on average in 23 days:

Average of 184 days on the market and not selling (before being staged and subsequently sold)

Average of 41 days on the market before sale

Average of 23 days on the market before sale.

Of course, market heat can have a huge impact on DoM, but the data indicate that regardless of market heat, home staging is definitely worth the money and effort, since providing home buyers with a great visual of the home's potential can also help them visualize living there, and can result in them signing on the dotted line. It can also significantly impact final sale price.

Home features, styles and amenities differ from market to market, and similarly, staging trends also change depending on the area in which your property is located.

A recent article explored some of the nation's major home-buying markets, sharing city-specific staging tips agents and stagers have found to be trending in 2023. For example, according to the article, Washington D.C. buyers are loving oversized artwork and in Honolulu a combination of coastal and urban styling is a hit. Miami real estate stagers are bringing in light, warmth and trendy furnishings, while Baltimore buyers are responding to steel features softened with raw elements and warm lighting.

If your city is on the list below and you want to know more, read the entire article here:

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