The Impact of Color on Home Prices

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Can color choice impact sale price?

Investors looking for ways to enhance a home's selling points know that color can make a difference, but a recent analysis by Zillow now takes this one step farther and quantifies the “lift” that certain paint colors can have on the value of a house.

Is gray the new white?

The new report says that the white walls which have been a staple in the housing market for the last decade could hurt sale prices. Zillow found that gray paint in bedrooms and living rooms can boost prices by an average of $1,755 more than other colors. Meanwhile, kitchens that feature charcoal or pewter gray can add $2,550.

What has drawn homeowners to the more muted dark hues? People want to feel comfortable and nurtured in their homes. Neutral and dark colors that are also warm set a different atmosphere than sterile cool white does. With the right decor and accents, dark colors can change a space and give it a more personalized feel to the owner. Although the exact hue may change from year to year, it seems that these warmer and darker colors will most likely dominate for the foreseeable future.

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