A Message from Anchor’s New CEO Rayman “Ray” Mathoda

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Last week marked my one-month anniversary as CEO of Anchor Loans! Over the last four weeks, I have held listening sessions and strategy meetings with stakeholders across our ecosystem, and I could not be more excited to share the tremendous opportunities I see ahead for our people, our products, and this industry.

As we embark on this journey together, I want to start by thanking Andy Pollock for the work he has done as CEO of Anchor Loans. Andy has established a strong foundation at Anchor. We are a resilient company with a great culture, and I am thrilled that Andy has decided to remain a member of Anchor’s executive leadership team in the new role of President and Head of Institutional Relationships.

I’ve spent much, but not all, of my career in the mortgage industry: first, at a major residential lender. Then, as co-CEO of Genesis Capital. Most recently, I served as CEO of a real estate proptech company, Xome. Along the way, I met Don Mullen, the Founder & CEO of Pretium, Anchor’s parent. Pretium is one of the most strategic investors in today’s real estate market. I am absolutely convinced that Anchor, in partnership with Pretium, will continue to lead the nation in private direct lending AND determine the future of this pioneering industry.

So, what are we building here at Anchor?

We are building a stable and efficient source of funding for experienced developers, builders, and SFR owners. Our goal is for Anchor to become an “all-weather” originator that is a dependable source of capital in down cycles as well as up. If you look across our industry today, what you see is an incredible level of destabilization and change. The CEOs at several top lenders have transitioned out. Meanwhile, other business purpose lenders have suspended their loan programs because they don’t have cost-effective, long-term funding strategies. We know this impacts you and your ability to achieve your business goals.

In contrast, Anchor is investing and growing.

We are building the infrastructure today that will drive long-term value and revenue growth tomorrow. In order to deliver continuous improvement in our partnerships with experienced real estate entrepreneurs like you, we are expanding to serve all major markets across the country and doubling down on product innovation and customer service. In the near term, we will also add new programs, like financing for build-to-rent communities and large-scale SFR portfolios.

We are growing our team and deepening our leadership bench-strength. Using Anchor’s existing culture as a springboard, we are hiring for the best talent in and for our industry! Whether it’s executives, loan originators, or excellent operations and risk management folks; whether it’s fix and flip, or ground up construction, or homebuilder finance, we are hiring and looking for great talent. If you know of anyone who is excellent at what they do and wants to grow and innovate, please introduce them to us! Our goal is to leverage our incredible talent to grow our footprint and build Anchor into the unassailable leader in private direct lending.

Additional ideas on the drawing board to serve you better include facilitating access to off-market properties, sharing macro and micro economic data and insights into your markets and portfolios, and providing strategic equity to help you scale proven business models in stable markets. We’d love your input on these ideas and more.

Together, we will position Anchor as the game-changing partner for experienced, relationship-focused developers and real estate investors – and the communities we serve.

I’m excited to hear from you, meet you, hear your constructive feedback, and enlist your partnership to build winning solutions that power your investments.


Rayman (Ray) Kaur Mathoda

Chief Executive Officer, Anchor Loans

To learn more, please visit: Transformational Growth Expert Ray Mathoda Joins Anchor Loans as Chief Executive Officer

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