Our Industry Doesn't Fear the Future, We Shape It

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Our industry doesn’t fear the future, we shape it. We look at tired, aging houses and see opportunities to transform them into upgraded homes. We look at undeveloped property lots and see desirable building sites. And then we provide financing — for fix-and-flip, ground-up construction and rental properties — that expands America’s housing stock, one home at a time.

Recently, I was asked by an industry trade publication how I thought investors as a whole were fairing. I told the reporter what we are seeing: less experienced investors are exiting the sector. Some of the new entrants in the lending space are closing, and others are becoming brokers instead of lenders.

Experienced investors and builders, on the other hand, will weather this market. They may slow down their purchases a little; accelerate and/or downsize their renovations; maybe even shift from fix-and-flip to fix-and-hold or build-to rent. But they will have the confidence, capital and ecosystems to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and to come out on the other side of the cycle stronger than ever.

Anchor turns 25 in 2023 and we’ve experienced all kinds of cycles. This coming year, while other lenders are pulling back, we intend to grow. Our game plan is simple.

  -Be a reliable source of financing to real estate investors.

  -Attract new clients who have been left at the altar by their current lenders.

  -Introduce new products to meet the market: for example, our new build-to-rent program.

  -Expand lending activity in key markets.

  -Compete by providing the same levels of extraordinary customer service that has set Anchor apart for 25 years.

No matter what the future brings, it’s nothing that our company and our industry haven’t seen before. The only question is will we shape the future, or will it reshape us? You know my answer. I’d like to hear yours. Please reach out to me: AndrewPollock@anchorloans.com

Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year!

Andrew Pollock


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