Anchor is Backed by $Billions in Reliable Capital: We're Not Scaling Back Lending

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While many private lenders are experiencing a credit crunch and have scaled back lending, Anchor is front and center with the same fast, flexible loans our customers rely on.

With the power of $billions behind us, at Anchor Loans our number one focus is providing the quick capital you need to grow your business. That's why 85% of our customers are repeat borrowers who return to us again and again to experience The Anchor Difference:

Direct Communication with Your Own Dedicated Processing Team

In real estate investing, time wasted is money wasted. You should never have to call an 800 number to wait for "the first available representative"  who has to read a series of notes to know what's happening with your account. As an Anchor Loans customer, you're assigned one dedicated processing team you can contact directly who knows you and knows your portfolio.

Funds in 10 - 15 days or less

With our expert processing teams and integrated technology, you'll get a quote in under 48 hours—with approved funds delivered  in 10 to 15 business days. Rush deals can happen even sooner.

Larger Loan Amounts

While many private lenders are capping their loans at under a million, Anchor doesn't shy away from financing big projects. Our average loan amount is $500K, but we regularly fund projects up to $10 million.

Over 24 Years Lending to Real Estate Investors

Since 1998 Anchor Loans has built deep client relationships by offering fast decisions, superior customer service and risk-based pricing that rewards repeat customers. We are proud to be the number one private lender providing financing to real estate investors for the improvement of homes and communities nationwide.

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