Anchor Loans CEO Ray Mathoda Covers Geraci Originate Special Edition

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In its June 2023 Innovate Women in Real Estate Special Edition, Geraci Originate Report features Anchor Loans CEO Rayman Mathoda. This in-depth interview explores Ray's personal and professional journey, her rise to leadership in the Real Estate sector and her vision for Anchor Loans.

"More than 25 years ago, a group of world-class poker players realized there was a small industry – fix and flip investments in real estate – that offered attractive lending opportunities but was not being served by conventional lenders and banks. From this realization, Anchor Loans was born. Today, Anchor Loans remains the nation’s leading private, direct lender to experienced residential real estate investors and builders with more than $13 billion in loans funded to date.
For the entirety of Anchor Loans’ existence, the firm has built deep client relationships that lead to substantial repeat business — more than 75 percent of clients have come from referrals. When it came time to establish a new relationship to elevate the lender’s capabilities and footprint with a new CEO, Anchor Loans tapped industry veteran Rayman ‘Ray’ Mathoda to take the helm in February 2023.
Long before the pivotal poker game transpired, Ray was living far from California in India where she was born and raised..."

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