How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Fix-and-Flip Business

Whether you are just getting started in fix-and-flip investing, or you're flipping dozens of houses at a time, to succeed in this business requires a strategy for effective b2b and b2c networking and marketing. Without having an intentional plan to connect with property sellers, and a cost-effective strategy to market your flipped properties to buyers, Read this Article »

5 Important Factors That Can Help Keep Your Fix-and-Flip Project On Schedule

When it comes to the many issues and pitfalls that can take a big bite out of your fix-and-flip project’s ROI, wasted time will be very high on the list. Every successful fix-and-flip investor knows that to keep ROI as high as possible, you’ve got to get your project’s turnaround time down to the least Read this Article »

How Fix-and-Flip Investors Use Wholesaler Networks to Find Lucrative Deals

For a successful fix-and-flip investor, one of the most challenging aspects of doing business is finding viable distressed properties to flip. This is especially true in very competitive markets where properties priced below retail are snapped up by investors as soon as they hit the market. If this is the case in your market, make Read this Article »

Fix-and-Flip Worst Practices: 10 Signs of Sloppy Workmanship in a House Flip

There is a significant rise in fix-and-flip investing in many areas of the country, and along with this rise in flip activity, fix-and-flip investors' average gross ROI in many U.S. markets has fallen. While there are markets where average gross ROI is more than 100%, investors in some markets are experiencing under 15% returns. Unfortunately, Read this Article »

Fix-and-Flip Investing: Heading into 2020 What is the Industry Outlook for House Flippers?

The latest industry numbers are out from the real estate data experts at ATTOM DATA Solutions, and according to their Q2 2019 U.S. Home Flipping Report house flipping is on the rise, and some fix-and-flip markets are seeing an average gross ROI surpassing 100%. However, when it comes to market competition, average number of days Read this Article »

Does a Real Estate Investor Need Good Credit to Get a Fix-and-Flip Loan?

If you are a fix-and-flip investor seeking additional capital to begin your next house flip, you may be considering a fix-and-flip loan from a private hard money lender—and you might be wondering how your credit history could impact your loan approval. If you have ever applied for a conventional mortgage, you know that a bank's decision Read this Article »

Correctly Estimating Your Fix-and-Flip Renovation Budget

So, you’ve found a great distressed property priced below retail, and based on your estimated ARV, it looks like the deal might have a healthy profit margin. But before you can make a decision about paying the asking price for your fix-and-flip property, you’ll want to know what upgrades and repairs are required to make Read this Article »

My House Flip Isn’t Selling: Now What?

It is a fix-and-flip investor’s worst nightmare. You discover a great distressed property, compare it to local neighborhood comps, calculate that there is plenty of profit between project costs and ARV, buy the property, renovate it, upgrade the landscaping and list your fix-and-flip masterpiece on the MLS. But, you’re not getting any offers. Weeks go Read this Article »

How Much Should I Spend on Landscaping My Fix-and-Flip Investment Property?

When you are deciding how much to spend on landscaping for your fix-and-flip investment property, keep in mind that a negative first impression can keep your renovated property from attracting buyers. Potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves coming home every day to your flipped house, so it’s critical that your property has Read this Article »

How to Buy Fix-and-Flip Properties at Foreclosure Auctions

Foreclosure auctions are not for the inexperienced fix-and-flip investor, or for the timid, but for a flipper who has a great eye for a good deal, who can stand shoulder-to-shoulder competing with other highly motivated bidders, these sales offer the possibility of purchasing distressed real estate significantly below market retail. Foreclosure auctions are held either Read this Article »