Is Home Staging my Flip Really Necessary in this Hot Market?

Considering the heat of the current single-family home market, some real estate investors are asking themselves if the added expense of home staging is really necessary. According to a Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) study conducted prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, of 1,081 sold homes studied, those that were staged prior to being listed sold Read this Article »

What a Difference a Door Makes: House Flip Garage Door Upgrade Boosts ARV

For a relatively low hit to your reno budget, investing in a new garage door for your house flip will greatly improve your property's curb appeal -- and the door will ultimately pay for itself in ARV boost. If you are not sure whether you're going to paint the existing garage door or replace it, Read this Article »

I Need to Sell My House Fast. Should I Sell to a House Flipper?

Are you a homeowner asking How can I sell my house fast? The answer to that question depends on how fast you need to sell, and what condition your home is in. According to research conducted by the real estate brokerage company Coldwell Banker, the vast majority of prospective homebuyers will be looking for a Read this Article »

Looking for Off Market Homes for Sale? Reach Out to Baby Boomers

Spring is historically the best season for homebuying, but with limited housing inventory driving property prices up, prospective buyers are having to fiercely compete amid the shrinking availability of listed homes. This inventory challenge is very good news for house flippers, especially for those who are talented at finding off market homes for sale. Currently, Read this Article »

Maximizing the ARV of Your Fix and Flip Investment

Flipping houses successfully comes down to one thing: accurately estimating ARV.  How much will your flip property be worth after you've made improvements -- and will you find a buyer willing to pay what you've determined it's worth? Yes, house flipping is about finding properties you can flip at a price low enough to turn Read this Article »

Finding Fix and Flip Properties Through Wholesale Real Estate Investors

One of the greatest challenges a fix-and-flip investor will face is finding good properties to flip. This is especially challenging for house flippers operating in extremely competitive markets where cash buyers are snapping up good deals as soon as they hit the market. The good news is, simply by networking with local wholesale real estate Read this Article »

Seeking Modular Home Loans? Proto Homes and Anchor Loans Offer an Exciting Option

If you are a real estate investor interested in prefab or modular home loans, are you aware that there is another exciting real estate investment prefab option on the market with “system-built” homes? Anchor Loans has partnered with the California-based prefab home builder Proto Homes to provide short-term bridge financing for house flipping investors seeking Read this Article »

Hard Money Construction Financing | Before and After Photos

The property renovations shown below were made possible with the hard work and talent of a real estate investor using Anchor Loans short-term construction financing. CONSTRUCTION FINANCING in FREMONT, CA PURCHASE PRICE: $1,050,000 IMPROVEMENTS: $609,000 SOLD PRICE: $2,485,000 Inspired by the Spanish style of the existing property, our borrower created a masterpiece with this striking Read this Article »

How to Decide Between Hard Money Lenders for House Flipping

Successful real estate investors who flip multiple properties at once, or house flipping entrepreneurs who are looking to quickly scale their businesses, often rely on hard money lenders for quick bridge loans to purchase and improve fix and flip properties. Many hard money lenders in the marketplace provide bridge loan programs specifically designed to meet Read this Article »

Hard Money Loans to Flip Houses | Before and After Photos

The property renovations shown below were made possible with the hard work and talent of a real estate investor using Anchor Loans' short-term hard money loans to flip houses. HARD MONEY LOANS to FLIP HOUSES | FULLERTON, CA PURCHASE PRICE: $750,000 IMPROVEMENTS: $177,000 SOLD PRICE: $1,385,000 So many surprises await inside this renovated ranch-style home. Read this Article »