House Flip Completion Timelines Expected to be Impacted by Covid-19

Even in the best of economic times, the completion timeline for your house flip can be negatively impacted by contractor scheduling mix-ups, mistakes with materials, and missed delivery dates that wreak havoc on your project calendar, resulting in delays that cost money and take a bite out of ROI. With all of the knowns and Read this Article »

House Flippers Are Among Small Businesses Poised to Profit from Covid-19 Conditions

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought loss and hardship to millions of Americans, and millions more are fearful and uncertain about what the future holds.  House flippers may find it difficult to focus on the silver linings in these dark clouds,  but while the coronavirus has been wreaking havoc on the U.S. economy in recent weeks, Read this Article »

How Do Hard Money Construction Loans Fund in Just a Few Days?

Hard money construction loans are an excellent option for real estate investors who plan to tear down and rebuild an existing structure for resale,  or for those seeking financing for the ground-up construction of an investment property. These loans are typically short-term (less than 24 months in duration) and they can be approved and funded Read this Article »

Flipping Houses in a “Bad” Neighborhood | The Risks and Rewards

Flipping houses in a "bad" neighborhood might seem counter-intuitive to you because industry pros constantly say "look for the worst property in the best neighborhood." Of course, this is to ensure that once you have turned your ugly investment property into a beautiful home you won't have any trouble finding someone willing to buy it.  While that can Read this Article »

House Flipping Taxes | Do You Need a CPA?

As your fix-and-flip business grows, the complexity of your reporting to the IRS grows as well. Not only will you be required to keep accurate records of income and expenses, you will need to know how to calculate basis and depreciation. Also, it is critical to have a solid understanding of what can and cannot Read this Article »

Scaling a House Flipping Business: How to Go from One Flip to a Portfolio of Income Properties

More often than not, once an investor has successfully completed their first fix-and-flip project, they quickly become hooked. While the process can undoubtedly be a roller coaster of highs and lows, the art of fixing and flipping properties often ends up becoming a lucrative hobby (or full-time business) for many first-timers. So, once you’ve been Read this Article »

Preventing Theft at Your Fix-and-Flip Work Site

Among the threats to your fix-and-flip project's ROI, theft of materials is one that can take a big bite out of your profits. On any given day, your fix-and-flip work site can contain tens of thousands of dollars worth of construction materials, tools, appliances and other items of value--and it only takes one criminally-minded worker, Read this Article »

How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Fix-and-Flip Business

Whether you are just getting started in fix-and-flip investing, or you're flipping dozens of houses at a time, to succeed in this business requires a strategy for effective b2b and b2c networking and marketing. Without having an intentional plan to connect with property sellers, and a cost-effective strategy to market your flipped properties to buyers, Read this Article »

5 Important Factors That Can Help Keep Your Fix-and-Flip Project On Schedule

When it comes to the many issues and pitfalls that can take a big bite out of your fix-and-flip project’s ROI, wasted time will be very high on the list. Every successful fix-and-flip investor knows that to keep ROI as high as possible, you’ve got to get your project’s turnaround time down to the least Read this Article »

How Fix-and-Flip Investors Use Wholesaler Networks to Find Lucrative Deals

For a successful fix-and-flip investor, one of the most challenging aspects of doing business is finding viable distressed properties to flip. This is especially true in very competitive markets where properties priced below retail are snapped up by investors as soon as they hit the market. If this is the case in your market, make Read this Article »