Hard Money Loans to Flip Houses | Before and After Photos

The property renovations shown below were made possible with the hard work and talent of a real estate investor using Anchor Loans' short-term hard money loans to flip houses. HARD MONEY LOANS to FLIP HOUSES | FULLERTON, CA PURCHASE PRICE: $750,000 IMPROVEMENTS: $177,000 SOLD PRICE: $1,385,000 So many surprises await inside this renovated ranch-style home. Read this Article »

What House Flipping Insurance Does a Real Estate Investor Need?

If you've purchased a fix-and-flip property and you are preparing to start renovations, you may be wondering what type of house flipping insurance is needed at different stages of your project. While many novice house flippers believe that they are fully covered by just adding their new investment property to their personal homeowner's policy, it Read this Article »

House Flipping Before and After | Hard Money Loan Los Angeles

The property renovations shared below were made possible with the talent and hard work of an Anchor Loans borrower using capital from a short-term hard money bridge loan from Anchor Loans. HARD MONEY LOAN LOS ANGELES, CA PURCHASE PRICE: $550,000 IMPROVEMENTS: $380,000 SOLD PRICE: $1,375,000 It takes creativity and vision to look at a pile Read this Article »

Are You Hurting Your House Flipping Business by Over-Improving Your Properties?

If you are a fix and flip investor, the core focus of your house flipping business plan should be to maximize ROI. Although transforming an ugly outdated house into a stunning home is pretty satisfying in itself, the house flipping business isn't just about beautiful transformations--it's about return on investment. House Flipping Business Success Requires Read this Article »

Four Popular Trends to Consider For Your New Construction Home

Value. Value. Value. That is the number one driving focus of every successful fix and flip investor planning a new construction home. The question is, how can you be sure each design and construction decision will increase the ARV of the property?  While buyers' preferences may vary depending on where in the country you are Read this Article »

Choosing the Best Construction Strategy for Your Flip Property: Repair or Rebuild?

So you’ve purchased a great fix and flip property for a great price, but what if there is so much rehab work needed to increase the property's market value, it might make more sense to just tear it down and start over with a ground-up rebuild? How do you decide whether to repair and upgrade Read this Article »

House Flip Completion Timelines Expected to be Impacted by Covid-19

Even in the best of economic times, the completion timeline for your house flip can be negatively impacted by contractor scheduling mix-ups, mistakes with materials, and missed delivery dates that wreak havoc on your project calendar, resulting in delays that cost money and take a bite out of ROI. With all of the knowns and Read this Article »

House Flippers Are Among Small Businesses Poised to Profit from Covid-19 Conditions

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought loss and hardship to millions of Americans, and millions more are fearful and uncertain about what the future holds.  House flippers may find it difficult to focus on the silver linings in these dark clouds,  but while the coronavirus has been wreaking havoc on the U.S. economy in recent weeks, Read this Article »

How Do Hard Money Construction Loans Fund in Just a Few Days?

Hard money construction loans are an excellent option for real estate investors who plan to tear down and rebuild an existing structure for resale,  or for those seeking financing for the ground-up construction of an investment property. These loans are typically short-term (less than 24 months in duration) and they can be approved and funded Read this Article »

Flipping Houses in a “Bad” Neighborhood | The Risks and Rewards

Flipping houses in a "bad" neighborhood might seem counter-intuitive to you because industry pros constantly say "look for the worst property in the best neighborhood." Of course, this is to ensure that once you have turned your ugly investment property into a beautiful home you won't have any trouble finding someone willing to buy it.  While that can Read this Article »