Hard Money Jumbo Loans for Multimillion-Dollar Real Estate Investing

Where do real estate investors go for private direct fix and flip or ground-up construction loans over a million dollars? Unfortunately, many direct lenders cap their loan amounts at under $800,000 — but with our expert loan teams and advanced underwriting platform, Anchor can approve and fund viable multimillion-dollar projects with no problem. In fact, Read this Article »

Private Money Lenders Fund House Flips | Before and After Photos

The property renovations featured below were made possible with the talent and hard work of an experienced real estate investor along with quick construction financing from Anchor Loans, the leader among private money lenders nationwide.  PRIVATE MONEY LENDERS FUND FLIPS in ANGELES, CA PURCHASE PRICE: $920,000 IMPROVEMENTS: $225,000 SOLD PRICE: $2,255,000   Our borrower took Read this Article »

Hard Money Lenders Help Successful House Flipping Businesses Grow

If your idea of a successful house flipping investor is someone with millions of dollars on hand to fund dozens of fix and flip projects per year, you might be surprised to learn that kind of capital liquidity is rare. Successful house flippers often have the bulk of their own capital tied up in multiple Read this Article »

Hard Money Lenders Florida | House Flipping Before and After

House flipping business owners looking for hard money lenders in Florida have turned to Anchor Loans since 1998 for fix and flip and new construction loans for the purchase and improvement of real estate investment properties. Anchor Loans is a nationwide leader providing billions in capital to real estate investors nationwide.  Anchor has helped finance Read this Article »

Seeking Modular Home Loans? Proto Homes and Anchor Loans Offer an Exciting Option

If you are a real estate investor interested in prefab or modular home loans, are you aware that there is another exciting real estate investment prefab option on the market with “system-built” homes? Anchor Loans has partnered with the California-based prefab home builder Proto Homes to provide short-term bridge financing for house flipping investors seeking Read this Article »

Hard Money Construction Financing | Before and After Photos

The property renovations shown below were made possible with the hard work and talent of a real estate investor using Anchor Loans short-term construction financing. CONSTRUCTION FINANCING in FREMONT, CA PURCHASE PRICE: $1,050,000 IMPROVEMENTS: $609,000 SOLD PRICE: $2,485,000 Inspired by the Spanish style of the existing property, our borrower created a masterpiece with this striking Read this Article »

Changes to Expect With Hard Money Construction Loans Rates and Terms

With Covid-19 impacting every sector of the lending environment, including private money lending, there have been some critical changes over the past few months that have affected the cost of financing a real estate investment project. For this reason, it is more critical than ever to perform your due diligence when deciding on a hard Read this Article »

Hard Money Lending for House Flipping in this COVID-19 Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought financial hardship to millions of American households and businesses. With the prevalence of lockdown laws and social distancing strategies that are intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, some industries have been decimated, while others have flourished. Airlines and hospitality sectors, for instance, are struggling, while online retail and Read this Article »

Hard Money Lenders Utah | Anchor Loans Now Lending to Utah House Flippers

Hard Money Lenders Utah | Anchor Loans Lending Millions to Utah’s House Flippers Nationwide fix and flip lender Anchor Loans is now one of the leading hard money lenders Utah house flippers can turn to for new construction loans and fix and flip financing. Providing billions in capital to U.S. real estate investors since 1998, Read this Article »

How to Decide Between Hard Money Lenders for House Flipping

Successful real estate investors who flip multiple properties at once, or house flipping entrepreneurs who are looking to quickly scale their businesses, often rely on hard money lenders for quick bridge loans to purchase and improve fix and flip properties. Many hard money lenders in the marketplace provide bridge loan programs specifically designed to meet Read this Article »