Changes to Expect With Hard Money Construction Loans Rates and Terms

With Covid-19 impacting every sector of the lending environment, including private money lending, there have been some critical changes over the past few months that have affected the cost of financing a real estate investment project. For this reason, it is more critical than ever to perform your due diligence when deciding on a hard Read this Article »

Hard Money Lenders Utah | Anchor Loans Now Lending to Utah House Flippers

Hard Money Lenders Utah | Anchor Loans Lending Millions to Utah’s House Flippers Nationwide fix and flip lender Anchor Loans is now one of the leading hard money lenders Utah house flippers can turn to for new construction loans and fix and flip financing. Providing billions in capital to U.S. real estate investors since 1998, Read this Article »

Fix and Flip Before and After Photos | Hard Money Loan

The flip property renovations featured below were made possible with the talent and hard work of an Anchor Loans borrower using capital from a short term hard money loan from Anchor Loans.   LOS ANGELES, CA  - CONSTRUCTION HARD MONEY LOAN PURCHASE PRICE: $2,150,000 IMPROVEMENTS: $900,000 SOLD PRICE: $4,050,000 This skilled Southern California borrower turned Read this Article »

What Happens if my Fix and Flip Loan Payment to my Hard Money Lender is Late?

In a perfect world, every one of your fix and flip projects would run smoothly from purchase to rehab, with buyers snapping up your flipped homes the day they hit the market. Unfortunately, real world snags happen all too often and fix-and-flip investors sometimes find themselves overextended—with their capital reserves stretched to the limit. If Read this Article »

How to Qualify for Fix and Flip Bridge Loans During Covid-19

What are Fix and Flip Bridge Loans? Fix and flip bridge loans, also known by real estate investors as bridge financing, or gap financing, are short term loans (typically 6 to 24 months in duration) offered by hard money lenders to help finance the purchase and renovation of investment properties. Some hard money lenders offer Read this Article »

Use a Bridge Loan to “Close as Cash” on a Fix-and-Flip Property

When the seller of a distressed property stipulates "cash only," it is often because they need to close the deal quickly. This type of seller is looking for a buyer who does not need to wait for approval from a lender to fund the purchase. A cash-only seller cannot risk having the sale fall through Read this Article »

Does a Real Estate Investor Need Good Credit to Get a Fix-and-Flip Loan?

If you are a fix-and-flip investor seeking additional capital to begin your next house flip, you may be considering a fix-and-flip loan from a private hard money lender—and you might be wondering how your credit history could impact your loan approval. If you have ever applied for a conventional mortgage, you know that a bank's decision Read this Article »

Setting Up an LLC for my Fix-and-Flip Business: What Should I Know?

If you are considering setting up an LLC to operate your fix-and-flip business, know the answers to these 7 questions before you get started: What is an LLC? LLC stands for “limited liability company,” and it is a legal entity that can be used to run a business or hold valuable assets such as real Read this Article »

When My Fix-and-Flip Loan with a Hard Money Lender has a Construction Holdback: How Does that Work?

When you partner with a hard money lender for help financing your fix-and-flip project,  your loan might include a construction “holdback” where the lender will help fund the purchase of your fix-and-flip property, then hold back the construction portion of the loan to incrementally pay for the property’s renovation. Why does my hard money loan Read this Article »

From Flop to Flipped: Real Estate Investors Transform Ugly Houses with Fix-And-Flip Loans from Anchor Loans

Bringing homes back to life.  The images are nothing short of shocking. Armed with a fix-and-flip loan from Anchor Loans, our investors have taken some of the most run-down properties across the country and transformed them into true works of art. Of course, it goes without saying that their vision and determination in this difficult Read this Article »