How to Qualify for Fix and Flip Bridge Loans During Covid-19

What are Fix and Flip Bridge Loans? Fix and flip bridge loans, also known by real estate investors as bridge financing, or gap financing, are short term loans (typically 6 to 24 months in duration) offered by hard money lenders to help finance the purchase and renovation of investment properties. Some hard money lenders offer Read this Article »

Anchor Loans’ Exceptional History Funding Fix and Flip Loans in Tough Economic Times

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all of us and reminds us that we are interconnected and we depend on one another in challenging times such as these.  Here at Anchor Loans, as we continue providing fast, reliable fix and flip loans for our customers, we are also focused on the future as we prepare for Read this Article »

Multi-Billion Dollar Hard Money Lender Born in a Spare Bedroom Office

In 2016, Anchor Loans became the first hard money lender in the nation to fund over $1 billion in loans to fix-and-flip investors in a single year. Anchor continues to lead the industry, providing over $1 billion in fix-and-flip financing every year since, with life-to-date fundings surpassing $7.8 billion (as of 12/2019). Multi-billion dollar hard money lender born Read this Article »

Does a Real Estate Investor Need Good Credit to Get a Fix-and-Flip Loan?

If you are a fix-and-flip investor seeking additional capital to begin your next house flip, you may be considering a fix-and-flip loan from a private hard money lender—and you might be wondering how your credit history could impact your loan approval. If you have ever applied for a conventional mortgage, you know that a bank's decision Read this Article »

When My Fix-and-Flip Loan with a Hard Money Lender has a Construction Holdback: How Does that Work?

When you partner with a hard money lender for help financing your fix-and-flip project,  your loan might include a construction “holdback” where the lender will help fund the purchase of your fix-and-flip property, then hold back the construction portion of the loan to incrementally pay for the property’s renovation. Why does my hard money loan Read this Article »

How do Hard Money Lenders Fund Fix-and-Flip Loans so Fast?

In the world of fix-and-flip investing, time wasted is money wasted, so every successful house flipper’s business plan should include strategies for speeding up their turnaround times as much as possible. For many professional house flippers, one of the strategies to speed things up is the use of hard money loans  to leverage their cash on Read this Article »

What Happens if my Fix-and-Flip Loan Payment to my Hard Money Lender is Late?

In a perfect world, every one of your fix-and-flip projects would run smoothly from purchase to rehab, with buyers snapping up your flipped homes the day they hit the market. Unfortunately, real world snags happen all too often and fix-and-flip investors sometimes find themselves overextended—with their capital reserves stretched to the limit. If you should Read this Article »

The Borrower-Lender Relationship: How to Choose the Lender That’s Right for You

As a real estate investor, you may have had quite a few good, and maybe not-so-good, experiences with fix-and-flip lenders over the years. Or, if you are new to the business, you might have heard stories of fix-and-flip financing that didn’t quite work out the way the borrower thought it would. When you’ve made the decision to Read this Article »

The Essentials of House Flipping

There is no shortage of advice for the fix-and-flip investor in 2019. An endless litany of websites, podcasts, and social media feeds shout tips, tricks and everything in between. But what does a fix-and-flip investor really need to know? What are the essentials of house flipping? After more than 20 years helping fix-and-flip investors succeed, Read this Article »

How to Get Approved for a Fix-and-Flip Loan

As a successful fix-and-flip investor, you know there is nothing more important to your bottom line than quick access to capital. In a competitive industry where cash is king and lucrative deals are snapped up quickly, it is critical to have cash available to execute purchase contracts, compete at foreclosure auctions, close cash-only deals and Read this Article »