Selling Your House Flips in a Covid-19 Impacted Real Estate Market

With rapidly changing Covid-19 developments and increasing restrictions on social distance and commerce, many fix-and-flip investors are wondering what challenges they will face selling house flips in a Covid-19 impacted real estate market. Historically speaking, the months of March through July are the busiest and most lucrative months of the year to sell a house. This Read this Article »

Why Use a Loan to Flip a House?

When it comes to financing a house flip, some fix-and-flip investors won't use a loan to flip a house because they prefer to use their own cash reserves. There are also some flip investors who always use borrowed capital—both to maintain liquidity and to increase cash-on-cash ROI—even if they have plenty of cash in the Read this Article »

Flipping Houses in a “Bad” Neighborhood | The Risks and Rewards

Flipping houses in a "bad" neighborhood might seem counter-intuitive to you because industry pros constantly say "look for the worst property in the best neighborhood." Of course, this is to ensure that once you have turned your ugly investment property into a beautiful home you won't have any trouble finding someone willing to buy it.  While that can Read this Article »

Find Houses to Flip in HOA Communities

As the U.S. housing stock ages over time, real estate investors will increasingly confront unique challenges when they find houses to flip in Home Owners Association (HOA) communities. Since 1960, HOAs have become a staple of the U.S. housing market. According to a 2019 housing data analysis, The Rise and Effects of Homeowners Associations, HOAs govern Read this Article »

House Flipping Taxes | Do You Need a CPA?

As your fix-and-flip business grows, the complexity of your reporting to the IRS grows as well. Not only will you be required to keep accurate records of income and expenses, you will need to know how to calculate basis and depreciation. Also, it is critical to have a solid understanding of what can and cannot Read this Article »

Money Maker or Money Pit? Five Warning Signs It’s Not a Good Fix-and-Flip Investment

For a fix-and-flip investor, there's no thrill quite like finding that diamond in the rough fixer property.  It's almost like a love story, isn't it? Investor meets off-market, neglected property with a highly motivated seller who will settle for a ridiculously low price. The place is ugly, but the investor's eye sees underneath the layers Read this Article »

Preventing Theft at Your Fix-and-Flip Work Site

Among the threats to your fix-and-flip project's ROI, theft of materials is one that can take a big bite out of your profits. On any given day, your fix-and-flip work site can contain tens of thousands of dollars worth of construction materials, tools, appliances and other items of value--and it only takes one criminally-minded worker, Read this Article »

Fix-and-Flip Investing: What Time of Year is Best to Sell My Flipped House?

In fix-and-flip investing, there are so many critical factors that can impact your project ROI. The price and condition of the property, the scope and scale of your renovations, your access to reasonably priced materials, the skill and speed of your contractors, and the attention and response times of your real estate agents--just to name a Read this Article »

How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Fix-and-Flip Business

Whether you are just getting started in fix-and-flip investing, or you're flipping dozens of houses at a time, to succeed in this business requires a strategy for effective b2b and b2c networking and marketing. Without having an intentional plan to connect with property sellers, and a cost-effective strategy to market your flipped properties to buyers, Read this Article »

PODCAST: “Predict Market Crashes and Profit From a Recession” with Steve Pollack

In this Respect The Grind podcast episode, host Stefan Aarnio has a spirited (often hilarious) conversation with Anchor Loans' CEO Steve Pollack, who shares real estate investing advice and discusses how he went from being an optometrist with a successful business to CEO of the nation's largest fix-and-flip lender. Podcast Summary 00:54 – What hard money Read this Article »