What House Flipping Insurance Does a Real Estate Investor Need?

If you've purchased a fix-and-flip property and you are preparing to start renovations, you may be wondering what type of house flipping insurance is needed at different stages of your project. While many novice house flippers believe that they are fully covered by just adding their new investment property to their personal homeowner's policy, it Read this Article »

New Construction Upgrades That Add Value

Of course, it’s great to add trendy design features that make your new house stand out among competing homes, but what are the new construction upgrades that add value to the finished home? When building an investment property from the ground up, there are always new market trends that real estate agents can use to Read this Article »

Can an Accessory Dwelling Unit Add Value to Your House Flip?

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)? An accessory dwelling unit is a self-contained living quarters inside of, attached to, or on the same lot as the property’s existing single family home. You may have heard the terms “mother-in-law suite” “carriage house” or “granny flat” to describe this type of dwelling. In order to be Read this Article »

What Happens if my Fix-and-Flip Loan Payment to my Hard Money Lender is Late?

In a perfect world, every one of your fix-and-flip projects would run smoothly from purchase to rehab, with buyers snapping up your flipped homes the day they hit the market. Unfortunately, real world snags happen all too often and fix-and-flip investors sometimes find themselves overextended—with their capital reserves stretched to the limit. If you should Read this Article »

How to Calculate ARV of your Fix-and-Flip Property by Analyzing Comps

Knowing how to calculate ARV by analyzing comparable properties (“comps”) is essential to succeeding in the house flipping business. Comps are homes in the vicinity of your fix-and-flip property that were sold in the past three months. Analyzing local comps will give you an idea of what buyers are looking for and what they might Read this Article »

Selling Your House Flips in a Covid-19 Impacted Real Estate Market

With rapidly changing Covid-19 developments and increasing restrictions on social distance and commerce, many fix-and-flip investors are wondering what challenges they will face selling house flips in a Covid-19 impacted real estate market. Historically speaking, the months of March through July are the busiest and most lucrative months of the year to sell a house. This Read this Article »

Why Use a Loan to Flip a House?

When it comes to financing a house flip, some fix-and-flip investors won't use a loan to flip a house because they prefer to use their own cash reserves. There are also some flip investors who always use borrowed capital—both to maintain liquidity and to increase cash-on-cash ROI—even if they have plenty of cash in the Read this Article »

Flipping Houses in a “Bad” Neighborhood | The Risks and Rewards

Flipping houses in a "bad" neighborhood might seem counter-intuitive to you because industry pros constantly say "look for the worst property in the best neighborhood." Of course, this is to ensure that once you have turned your ugly investment property into a beautiful home you won't have any trouble finding someone willing to buy it.  While that can Read this Article »

Find Houses to Flip in HOA Communities

As the U.S. housing stock ages over time, real estate investors will increasingly confront unique challenges when they find houses to flip in Home Owners Association (HOA) communities. Since 1960, HOAs have become a staple of the U.S. housing market. According to a 2019 housing data analysis, The Rise and Effects of Homeowners Associations, HOAs govern Read this Article »

House Flipping Taxes | Do You Need a CPA?

As your fix-and-flip business grows, the complexity of your reporting to the IRS grows as well. Not only will you be required to keep accurate records of income and expenses, you will need to know how to calculate basis and depreciation. Also, it is critical to have a solid understanding of what can and cannot Read this Article »