How to Qualify for Fix and Flip Bridge Loans During Covid-19

What are Fix and Flip Bridge Loans? Fix and flip bridge loans, also known by real estate investors as bridge financing, or gap financing, are short term loans (typically 6 to 24 months in duration) offered by hard money lenders to help finance the purchase and renovation of investment properties. Some hard money lenders offer Read this Article »

Steve Pollack Book Review | Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday

"That quiet feels so unnatural is a sign of its importance. Seize it. We can’t be afraid of silence, as it has much to teach us. Seek it." - Ryan Holiday, Stillness is the Key   Following up on his two ancient wisdom bestsellers The Obstacle Is the Way and Ego Is the Enemy, in Read this Article »

House Flipping Before and After Photos | Anchor Funded Construction Loans

It is so inspiring to study successful house flipping before and after photos and see the amazing transformations that can happen when talented fix and flip investors set their sights on a distressed property. All of the house flipping before and after photos shown below are great examples of the range of improvements that can Read this Article »

The Essentials of House Flipping

There is no shortage of advice for the fix-and-flip investor in 2019. An endless litany of websites, podcasts, and social media feeds shout tips, tricks and everything in between. But what does a fix-and-flip investor really need to know? What are the essentials of house flipping? After more than 20 years helping fix-and-flip investors succeed, Read this Article »

10 Reasons Real Estate Investors Use Hard Money Loans

  When investing in real estate, using hard money loans can bring significant benefits to your negotiations with the seller. Our team at Anchor Loans has great experience offering hard money loans to our clients. Here  are 10 reasons to use hard money loans as an investor. Faster close Since hard money loans are designed Read this Article »

9 Questions About Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are an ideal option for successful real estate entrepreneurs who might not meet the requirements for traditional bank loans. Anchor Loans has more than 20 years of experience in fix-and-flip and rental property financing.  Here are nine questions real estate investors may have about hard money loans: What makes hard money loans Read this Article »