Will Home Prices in Southern California Continue to Rise?

The Painted Ladies of San Francisco, California sit glowing amid the backdrop of a sunset and skyscrapers.


Home prices in Southern California have been increasing for quite some time, which has fix-and-flip investors asking the obvious question, “How high can they go?”


Well, according to Jeff Collins of the Orange County Register, a lot actually. Yes, we know that for 62 straight months Southern California home prices have gone in one direction. Up. But are we at a peak? Not according to the half-dozen economists he spoke to.


Other questions they addressed include:

  • Are we in a bubble now? Not yet they say, but the conversation is starting to come up at “cocktail parties.”
  • When is the next recession? Not for at least two years, the economists said.
  • Is it too late to buy a home? They concede that now might be a great time, but don’t over-extend yourself.


Click here to read the full report, including supporting data, examples and commentary.


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