Tap Others in Your Network to Get Fix-and-Flip Leads Faster

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Finding Fix and Flip Leads

Finding your next fix-and-flip property doesn’t always need to fall squarely on your shoulders.  In fact, successful fix-and-flip businesses build a team of experts into their network that become their “eyes, ears, and feet-on-the-ground” when it comes to discovering the next great opportunity.


What does this network look like?  Well, it can include the following:


Realtors, appraisers, and home inspector are just some of the people you can leverage for new leads

* Realtors

* Appraisers

* Realtors

* Appraisers

* Lenders

* Inspectors

* Lawyers

* Accountants

* Contractors

* Courthouse clerks

* Builders

* Developers

* Other investors

* And even local residents in your target neighborhood


Having these resources on your side can be a great, low-cost way to generate leads.  In addition, your network can tip you off to a potential deal before anyone else finds out about it.  When you combine that with quick and easy financing from a trusted source like Anchor Loans, you will begin to pull away from your competition.


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