What a Difference a Door Makes: House Flip Garage Door Upgrade Boosts ARV

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garage door featured image

For a relatively low hit to your reno budget, investing in a new garage door for your house flip will greatly improve your property's curb appeal -- and the door will ultimately pay for itself in ARV boost.

If you are not sure whether you're going to paint the existing garage door or replace it, know that historically, the amount you spend on a garage door upgrade improves your property's ARV to an equal or greater degree.

Check out these before-and-after pictures from Anchor's Instagram page that highlight some of our clients' projects in which  you can see the instant curb appeal created by refinishing or replacing the property's garage door:

garage door upgrade los angeles
before and after garage door oakland
before and after garage door pasadena

For more ideas on improving the after repair value of your fix and flip project, read our recent blog article, Maximizing the ARV of Your Flip Investment.

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