New Construction Upgrades That Add Value

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new construction upgrades that add value

Of course, it’s great to add trendy design features that make your new house stand out among competing homes, but what are the new construction upgrades that add value to the finished home?

When building an investment property from the ground up, there are always new market trends that real estate agents can use to get homebuyers excited about taking a look at the house. And then, there are the basics that actually translate into a higher sale price. Below are five of those basics that are must-haves for any new construction project:

Five New Construction Upgrades That Add Value

Large Kitchen Island and Lots of Counter Space

This is number one on the list of new construction upgrades that add value – and for an excellent reason: lack of counter space in a brand new kitchen can be a home buying deal breaker. Countertop material trends may come and go, and you can feel free to use neighborhood comps to decide whether marble, granite, or quartz makes the most sense for your project. But one thing that won’t be debatable is whether your kitchen floor plan needs to provide plenty of counter space. Be sure to give buyers an expanse of counter space and a large island with room for additional seating, and you can’t go wrong.

Master en Suite Bathroom

Take a little square footage from the master bedroom if you must, just be sure to provide home buyers with a large, luxury master bathroom. In most cases, a large master en suite with a walk-in shower and soaking tub set in spa-like surroundings will never go out of style.

Walk-in closet with upgraded shelving package

Why include a huge master closet in your master bedroom design if it will just echo its emptiness to homebuyers? For a relatively minimal impact on the overall budget, here’s a place you can leave a lasting impression. Creating a “wow” factor in the master closet with an impressive closet shelving package will place a check next to “must-have” in the mind of buyers and will help to position your house well in the local market.

Impressive Flooring

Homebuyers want to open the front door of your newly constructed home and be floored (pun intended) by the floors. Second only to an outstanding kitchen, here is another potentially deal-breaking item on your punch list. Fortunately, when it comes to creating a luxurious look, flooring does not have to break the bank. There are scores of affordable, quality, strikingly beautiful flooring options on the market now that will wow buyers without breaking your budget.

Upgraded Base and Crown Molding

Here’s an upgrade that can double or triple your flooring budget if you take it to the high end of available materials. But, it’s not necessary to install the best of the best in most cases (unless your home is in a market where only high end materials will be acceptable). There are some very durable MDF moldings that offer stunning style at an affordable price. The architectural effect of installing upgraded base and crown molding is significant in its impact on a potential homebuyer, who will see this upgrade as a sign that the builder paid attention to detail—and this is a detail that will definitely provide a “wow” factor.

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