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house flip before and after construction

It is so inspiring to study successful house flipping before and after photos and see the amazing transformations that can happen when talented fix and flip investors set their sights on a distressed property.

All of the house flipping before and after photos shown below are great examples of the range of improvements that can be made to turn an ugly duckling property into a gorgeous swan.

These property renovations were made possible with the talent and hard work of an Anchor Loans borrower with capital from a short-term hard money fix and flip loan or a construction loan from Anchor Loans.

Rebuild Financing in Los Angeles, CA
Purchase Price: $1,405,000
Improvements: $650,000
Sold Price: $3,250,000

house flip before and after

Wow! This new sleek and modern exterior is a truly stunning transformation. Our borrowers purchased this Los Angeles property for $1,405,000, and after spending $650,000 on improvements, the home sold for $3,250,000.

The choice of natural woods for the home's exterior accents is continued throughout the interior, and the incorporation of large windows and glass accents into the design brings the outdoors in and takes the modern look and feel to the next level.

See the interior renovations for this property.


Rebuild Financing in Sherman Oaks, CA
Purchase Price : $730,000
Improvements: $400,000
Sold Price: $1,825,000

hard money construction loans

Incorporating neutral colors and clean lines into a rebuild can have broad appeal and attract a wide range of buyers. The design decisions this house flipper made paid off in the $1,825,000 sale of this Sherman Oaks property.

The investor continued the neutral color / clean theme throughout the home's interior, with open concept construction and sleek accents and amenities.

Click here to see the interior


Loan for Rebuild in San Fernando Valley, CA
Purchase Price: $792,000
Improvements: $500,000
Sold Price: $1,650,000

hard money construction loans

It's amazing what an experienced fix and flip investor can do with a property. Our borrowers purchased this San Fernando Valley, Calif home for $792,000 and after investing $500,000 in improvements, the home sold for $1,650,000.

The interior of the home is even more stunning, with sleek, artistic accents, materials and lighting choices. The home's interior living space extends out with a natural wood deck in the back yard and an outdoor seating area.

See the interior renovations



Fix and Flip Loan in Oakland, CA
Purchase Price: $950,000
Improvements: $150,000
Sold Price: $1,850,000

hard money lender

The natural wood accents on the exterior of this craftsman style home bring the architecture to life. This successful house flipper is an expert at renovation. With just $150,000 spent on improvements to a home purchased for $950,000, the design updates attracted a buyer happy to pay $1,850,000 for this gorgeous gem.

The interior materials chosen for the renovation of this home pay homage to the craftsman design, with modern touches that capitalize on the home's location and amazing views.

See renovations for this property

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