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New Construction Loans
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Flexible Loan Options for Residential Real Estate Investors

Short-term funding for the construction of 1-4 unit residential properties.

  • Single and 2-4 unit residential properties
  • Only pay interest on construction funds drawn
  • 12-18 month terms
  • 1.75-2.75% origination points
  • Loan amounts up to $10MM
  • Interest reserves available

Gain a business partner not just a lender. Gain a business partner not just a lender

The Anchor Difference:
Not Just a Lender, a Business Partner

  • FastFunds in as few as 10 days
  • Flexible
    Loan terms tailored to your needs
    • DependableCustomer-service driven and trusted since 1998
    • DedicatedExpert processing teams

      The Essentials for Approval


      Easy pre-approval for investors with 3 or more successful construction projects in the last 3 years. We'll tailor a solution that works best for you.

      Down Payment

      Depending on the structure of your loan, you'll need to provide a down payment to close your loan.

      Project Details

      Submit your project's purchase price, plans, permits and budgets as well as your estimated completed value to receive a customized quote within 24-48 hours.

      Your Credit Score

      Minimum 650 required, but having good credit has its perks.

      The Anchor Process


      Tell us about you

      Complete our free online application in as little as 10 minutes. Rates and terms are dependent on your application details. The more information you provide, the more options we can provide you with.

      Tell us about your deal

      Submit any deal specific information, including your purchase contract, plans, permits, budgets, estimated repair budget and any transaction documents you may have. We’ll take care of the rest.

      Fund your deal

      Once you approve the terms, loan docs are signed and escrow is ready to close, we'll fund the deal. Congrats, you're now officially an Anchor customer!

      We're Ready to Fund Your Next Deal

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