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Orlando Fix-and-Flip and Rental Property Real Estate Loans

Orlando, Florida is home to some of the country’s most prestigious real estate, as well as some of the most lucrative investment opportunities available in the U.S. marketplace. With tens of thousands of jobs expected to be added to the local economy in the coming year, and median home prices projected to rise by at least 7 percent, fix-and-flip and rental property investors are poised to profit in this booming market.

Anchor Loans can help real estate investors take advantage of this boom by providing fast, dependable financing for their Orlando fix-and-flip and rental property real estate investment projects.

Why Choose Anchor Loans for Orlando Fix-and-Flip and Rental Property Loans?

Anchor Loans is the nation’s number one private direct lender to fix-and-flip investors, and the first to fund more than $1 billion in loans in a single year—with over $1 billion funded in 2016, over $1 billion in 2017, and over $5.3 billion life-to-date funding since 1998. The most successful fix-and-flip and rental property investors choose Anchor Loans because we continue to set the highest of standards for performance within the competitive Orlando lending marketplace. The majority of our borrowers are repeat customers who appreciate the seamless approval process, expert advice, and legendary customer service that come with Anchor financing

Improving Neighborhoods Through Real Estate Financing

One of Anchor’s goals in the Orlando fix-and-flip and rental loan marketplace is to help real estate investors improve neighborhoods throughout Orlando. Anchor understands the challenges real estate investors face in getting their projects off the ground, and we provide financing for the purchase and improvement of distressed investment properties.

Fast, Dependable Financing for Investment Opportunities in Orlando

It’s the ideal time to profit from the real estate market in Orlando. Anchor’s proprietary fintech analyzes deals and approves qualified borrowers in the shortest possible timeframe. We are able to fund within five to seven days of borrower approval in most cases, and even faster for a rush deal—so you can get busy maximizing that investment.