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Anchor Loans — The Leader in California Fix and Flip Real Estate Financing

Over the past year, California has had the second highest job growth in the nation, and its population has increased by hundreds of thousands in the same span. As California’s population continues to boom, its real estate markets will offer some of the country’s highest potential investment returns. Investing here can net you a quick––and sizable––profit. If access to capital is holding you back, you can get your fix-and-flip or rental business moving with quick, reliable financing from Anchor Loans.

Anchor Loans is the nation’s number one private direct lender to fix-and-flip investors and the first to fund more than $1 billion in loans in a single year—with over $1 billion funded in 2016, over $1 billion in 2017, and over $6.4 billion life-to-date* fundings since 1998. At Anchor Loans we share the “Power to Create Wealth™” with our borrowers by providing flexible loan programs and fast funding. The majority of our borrowers are repeat customers who appreciate the seamless approval process, expert advice, and legendary customer service that come with Anchor financing.
*As of November 2018

What is Fix-and-Flip Financing?

Fix-and-flip financing (sometimes referred to as “hard money” or “private lending”) involves short-term loans that typically have higher interest rates and lower qualifying restrictions compared to bank loans. These loans give investors like you the agility to quickly execute purchase contracts, compete at foreclosure auctions, close cash-only deals, and fund construction, while maximizing your on-hand cash.

Why Choose Anchor Loans for Your California Real Estate Investment?

We continue to set the highest of standards for performance within the fix-and-flip lending marketplace. That’s why so many clients entrust us with real estate projects all over California. We’ve been here the longest. We’ve found the most success. And, we are the most experienced lender that can provide a full range of funding options.

Changing Lives and Transforming Neighborhoods

We help real estate investors improve properties and transform neighborhoods. Our goal is simple––Give investors easy access to the financing that can help them make California an even better place to live.