A Spectacular Year for Anchor Loans

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What an exciting journey we’ve had together this year at Anchor Loans. As we head into the New Year, I want to thank our amazing team and all of our partners and stakeholders for making this yet another record-breaking year for us. Here are but a few of the many achievements and milestones we experienced together:

  • The U.S. real estate market in 2021 was unbelievable. Month after month we saw new records for home prices, days on market, and fix-and-flip profits.
  • In July Anchor held a Grand Reopening Party to celebrate finally being back in our Thousand Oaks, Calif. headquarters to work in person with our colleagues and customers.
  • In August our team blasted past the $1billion mark in loan fundings for the sixth consecutive year since being the first in our industry to meet that milestone back in 2016.
  • In September Anchor Loans became the first private direct lender to surpass $10 billion in loan fundings. We are incredibly proud to lead our industry in providing capital that supports the success of real estate entrepreneurs nationwide.
  • November brought us into the holiday season with an extra-special reason to celebrate: We were acquired by Pretium, a specialized US residential real estate and credit firm with more than $30 billion in assets. With our new owner, our trajectory for the coming year is more growth, new goals and expanded loan programs.
  • As we close out 2021, we are proud to announce that we have set yet another new annual funding record—with over $1.7 billion in loan fundings!

A sincere thank you to each and every one of you who’s been along for this exciting 2021 ride. We enter the new year filled with anticipation and appreciation for what we predict will be another record-breaking year.

Wishing you the happiest holiday season, and a prosperous new year!

–Andy Pollock, CEO 

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