Anchor Loans is Los Angeles’ Favored and Nation’s Largest Provider of Hard Money Loans

Anchor Loans is the largest provider of hard money loans in Los Angeles to the “fix-and-flip” industry with over 14,000 short term loans totaling over $4.1 billion dollars since 1998.. These are totals that no other private money lender can match, including Anchor Loans becoming the industry’s first hard money lender to originate over $1 billion in a single year in 2016.


Anchor Loans has continued to build on its rapid growth since successfully navigating the 2008-9 economic downturn – when many other real estate lenders experienced devastating losses.


Last year was yet another indicator of Anchor’s record setting success. “The $1 billion-dollar threshold was a milestone for our organization and a first for the industry,” said Anchor Loans’ CEO, Stephen Pollack. “As far as we know, we are the only direct private money lender to the fix and flip market that has achieved this goal.”


Anchor Loans has been profitable every year since its founding in 1998 and has shown exceptional performance for its entire history – especially through the real estate downturn and housing crisis of 2008-9. It’s experience, relationships and proprietary Fintech platform set it apart from other lenders in its ability to rapidly evaluate, underwrite and fund loans, typically in as few as 5-10 business days.


Anchor Loans works with qualified developers looking for quick bridge financing for non-owner occupied properties (the “fix-and-flip” industry).  Headquartered in Southern California, the company originates loans in 25 states across America.  They include:



Alabama | Arkansas | Arizona | California | Connecticut | Florida | Georgia | Iowa | Illinois | Indiana | Massachusetts | Maine | Maryland | Missouri | North Carolina | New Jersey | Nevada | New York | Ohio | Pennsylvania | South Carolina | Texas | Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin


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