Three Reasons to Switch

Three Reasons to Change Your Fix-and-Flip Loan Provider


If you’re a fix-and-flip veteran, chances are you’ve worked with the same lender for most or all of your projects so far. But what if choosing a new lender could supercharge your fix-and-flip investments and increase your ROI?


Here are three reasons to consider making a switch to Anchor Loans for your next fix-and-flip project:


Anchor Loans is the nation’s number 1 fix-and-flip lender


If you’re going to get a fix-and-flip loan, why not go straight to the top of the industry? Anchor Loans is the first private direct lender to fix-and-flip investors to fund more than $1 billion in loans in a single year. We provided more than $1 billion in loans in 2016, more than $1 billion in 2017, and more than $5.5 billion since 1998.


A big reason for those eye-popping numbers is our commitment to providing unmatched customer service. More than 85% of Anchor’s customers are repeat borrowers who appreciate the seamless approval process, fast funding and decades of expertise that come with Anchor financing. Our clients are so happy with Anchor they refer friends and family. As a result, more than 70% of Anchor’s new borrowers are referred by one of our clients.


Anchor Loans Lets Data Drive Our Decisions


Every loan originated by Anchor Loans is carefully analyzed and considered from all angles, weighing data on market conditions, housing costs, cost of living, and a host of other factors. In short, we rely on numbers, never luck.


This data-driven approach leads to a high success rate for loans we originate and a very low default rate. Though real estate investing is never a guaranteed win, reading the data as well as we do definitely tilts the odds towards success.


Anchor Loans is Fast


Flipping properties is as much about speed as anything else, and with Anchor Loans, speed is on your side. We’re confident in our ability to turn loans around quickly. While a timeline of one to two weeks is typical, it’s not uncommon for our loans to be approved in as little as 72 hours.


Our fintech supports an easy-to-use portal where you can sign up for an account in under a minute and apply for fix-and-flip and rental property financing through a secure, guided process. With a few button clicks from an Anchor processor, your submitted loan request then goes into the approval queue. When all requirements are met, funds are wired within 24 hours.


If working with the best, most reliable, and fastest lender in the business sounds like the right move for your fix-and-flip investment, check out Anchor Loans. We’re excited to work with you.

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