PODCAST: “Predict Market Crashes and Profit From a Recession” with Steve Pollack

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In this Respect The Grind opens in a new window podcast episode, host Stefan Aarnio has a spirited (often hilarious) conversation with Anchor Loans' CEO Steve Pollack, who shares real estate investing advice and discusses how he went from being an optometrist with a successful business to CEO of the nation's largest fix-and-flip lender.

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00:54 – What hard money lending is all about and how Steve builds a win-win relationship with his clients.

05:32 – From optometrist to landlord, to pro poker player and how to lose your hair in your twenties.

09:41 – How Steve’s career funded the building of his empire -- and that one time the US Government gave away houses like candy.

14:36 – Steve’s third eye and how he predicted crucial market events that would both benefit and damage his economy.

17:54 – A great wrap up for a great story: how Steve’s company survived the 2008 catastrophe.

19:54 – Anchor Loans' client list and their take on their competition.

22:59 – The fortune teller strikes again: the data, historical cycles, and black swan events.

26:22 – International debt, negative interest rates, and the nostalgia of getting toasters from banks.

30:22 – Steve’s targeted borrowers and why he only partners up with educated and hard-working candidates.

35:09 – The importance of transitioning to social media and developing tight management software to build a strong company.

41:12 – Why self-awareness and honesty are key to being successful.

43:17 – Seriously though, can you make a living out of playing poker?

45:58 – The difference between teachers, coaches, and mentors.

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