Looking for a flip-worthy house? Here are 6 “must haves” to consider

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Finding the right house to fix-and-flip requires a variety of strategies and tactics ~ researching and canvasing your target neighborhood, looking for foreclosed properties, and leveraging your network of real estate agents or contractors to name just a few.

But what should you start to consider once you find a potential opportunity?  

Below are a few highlights from Forbes and Trulia on "must-haves" for important rooms in the property:

Basements and attics – give serious consideration to passing on homes with big anticipated costs (e.g. crumbling foundations or bad electrical wiring)

Dining rooms – Focus on versatility and utility (be careful not to close out certain buyers because of a "too focused" design)

Kitchens – think big, but feasible (for example, where can and can’t you cost effectively knock out walls)

Bathrooms – think about adding or enlarging (most want at least 1 and a half)

Living spaces – finishing touches and small updates in foyers, dens, or living rooms to create clean lines can be just what you need

Living rooms - look for hardwood floors, and note that it may be hidden under that old carpeting


To read the full article and get additional great advice, visit Forbes.com.

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