Better Ways to Monitor Your Local Markets

Ways to monitor local markets

Are you trying to keep an eye on local markets for fix-and-flip trends and deal opportunities?  In a previously released blog post opens in a new window, Anchor Loans highlighted rental market trends across the top 100 markets from opens in a new window.


But what about other market insight tools that you can check out on your own?  One resource that is free on the web is the Stat’s and Trends opens in a new window section of the RealtyTrac website.  Here you can see:

Online resources are available to help fix-and-flip investors monitor their local markets.


* Summary U.S. real estate statistics and foreclosure trends, including media sale prices and foreclosure rates and hot U.S. Metros.


* Market trends, including bank owned, auction and pre-foreclosure properties, as well as number of properties per square footage, bedrooms, and year built


* Foreclosure trends by state, with drill-down options to the county level


A third resource we found is Local Market Monitor opens in a new window.  Although it is a paid service, the insight and analysis they provide includes:


* 320 metro areas with market reviews, economic commentaries, stress-test forecasts, home price forecasts, future construction needed, investment ratings and scores, and more


* 3000 counties with home price forecasts, future construction, local cap rates, business growth reports, demographics, and more


* 20,000 zip code areas with demographics and home price forecasts


At Anchor, we don’t just have the fix-and-flip capital you need, but also the ability to tailor that capital to fit your investment objectives. We offer timely, flexible, and competitive services that will work with you to provide new construction finances. We can also help you evaluate particular properties of interest through our loan approval process opens in a new window.


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