5 Tips for Writing an Eye-Catching Property Listing

5 Tips for Writing an Eye-Catching Property Listing

There are a lot of properties on the market vying for the attention of buyers, and that means to attract buyers to your property and get it sold for the best possible price, you’ll need to create a unique listing. Your post should be well-written, short, and informative. Give it an eye-catching headline and do your best to inject a bit of humor or personality to make your listing stand out. Here are five tips on writing an eye-catching property listing:

Be unique

You’ve probably got an idea in mind of what your listing is supposed to look like, but there’s no reason yours must be the same as all the others. Put some thought and effort into making your listing interesting and unique. Emphasize improvements you’ve made to the property and write a bit about the curb appeal, quality of upgrades or value-added design changes buyers in your market are looking for.

Keep it short and sweet

Although you want your listing to be unique, you really don’t want it to be uniquely long. Write your post with the goal of keeping it short, sweet, and to the point. Tell the reader what they need to know, then wrap things up. This applies to your headline as well. Research has shown that the ideal headline length is five words.

Craft an attention-grabbing headline

Your headline is one of the most important parts of your listing, so don’t write it as an afterthought. The headline is what grabs a reader’s attention and if your headline is boring, no one will look at your listing. If you’re having trouble thinking of a good headline, consider some of the positives of your property, or use humor to draw attention to your listing. What’s important is that your headline makes buyers do a doubletake and entices them to read more.

Improve your writing before you post

A big part of any good property listing is the quality of the writing. Be sure to check out some online writing tools like ViaWriting and WritingPopulist for help with grammar. Don’t risk posting a property listing with grammatical mistakes that will make you look like an amateur.

Include some great pictures

Great photos are absolutely key to selling your property. Show off all the work you’ve put into raising the value of your property by including some high-quality photos of the home’s interior and exterior. Buyers want to know that it is worth their time to take a look at your property, and providing some great photos will help nudge them along. If you really want to make your listing stand out, include a 360 image or a video tour of the house and the neighborhood. Many buyers are as interested in the local community as the property itself, so if your property is in a great location, show it.


You’ve put a lot of work into improving the value of your property, so take the time to write a listing that will get your property the attention and sales price it deserves.


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