U.S. Housing Monitor: A New Monthly Report from Anchor Loans for Your Residential Real Estate Investing Took Kit

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The U.S. real estate and mortgage markets have taken real estate developers and investors through some intense ups and downs over the last two years since the Fed began raising interest rates. Looking forward, one thing is clear — the future remains uncertain!

There are many factors driving the US housing market, with diverse and sometimes contradictory impacts. On the one hand, there is a severe shortage of single family housing across most US markets — making it likely that home prices will remain stable to increasing, despite historically high mortgage rates.

In December, the Fed suggested that rates may actually start to come down later in 2024 — further energizing the home sale market. On the other hand, land is relatively expensive, existing homes are relatively expensive, and home construction costs are up 40% since 2019, making profitable real estate development more challenging.

Given the importance, complexity, and uncertainty in the US housing market, and the different dynamics by region and local market, our team of data and research experts at Anchor Loans began exhaustive research to produce a deep-dive monthly report designed to help residential real estate investors across the nation better navigate the market in real time and going forward.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new monthly report, Anchor's U.S. Housing Monitor, which provides a detailed analysis of U.S. residential real estate market conditions—with deeper-dive insights into select MSAs and local markets.

Anchor's U.S. Housing Monitor is designed to be your go-to resource for market data and intel, key industry trends and expert projections. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, U.S. Housing Monitor provides information needed to stay ahead of the curve and make informed adjustments to your investment strategies.*

Key features of the U.S. Housing Monitor include:

- House Price Trends
- Housing Affordability Trends
- Supply/Demand Trends
- Homebuilder Trends
- Remodeling Trends
- Metro Housing Market
- Expert Forecasts
- Impact of the Economy

Best of all, your subscription to this valuable resource is complimentary.

Click Here to Download U.S. Housing Monitor

Please let us know if there is content you would like to see in future issues of U.S. Housing Monitor. Our hope is that this report adds value as you plan and strategize your residential real estate investments over the coming months and years.

I wish you continued success in your business goals and look forward to expanding our partnership with you. Together, we can help meet the massive unmet need for renovated and newly built housing across America!

Ray Mathoda

*Statements throughout U.S. Housing Monitor materials, including those regarding the opportunity, Anchor’s advantages and the market, represent the opinions and beliefs of Anchor. There can be no assurance that these will materialize.

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