'@StevePollackCEO Year of Books: "Success Habits" by Napoleon Hill

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Napoleon Hill's groundbreaking self-help book Think and Grow Rich was first published in 1937 and today is in print in over 100 languages--with more than 100 million copies sold worldwide. When he died in 1970, Hill had authored 11 books, with titles like The Master-Key to Riches, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, and You Can Work Your Own Miracles.Fifty years have passed since Hill's death, but if his fans thought he was finished sharing his success philosophies with the world, they'll be glad to know that a cache of audio tapes believed to be lost forever was recently discovered and transcribed into yet another inspiring Napoleon Hill book, Success Habits: Proven Principles for Greater Wealth, Health, and Happiness.Originally a series of weekly radio talks delivered in Paris, Missouri, some seven decades later the anecdotes, metaphors, advice and inspiration Hill shares with the audience remain applicable to all who are striving to transform their professional and personal lives.Although there are a few instances where Hill's references and omissions are old fashioned (such as his exclusive reference to "him" and "he" as the audience for his wisdom), the bulk of his observations have definitely withstood the test of time.This quick and easy read from a giant of the self-help genre should be on everyone’s must-read list.

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