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During these challenging times, I hope that you and your family remain healthy and optimistic about what the future holds. Over the past several weeks we have all witnessed unprecedented events in our nation and in our local communities--and we have also found unprecedented opportunities to live our core values.

Here at Anchor, we are more committed than ever to find ways to strengthen our connections to one another and to help build better communities. We are reminded daily how important it is to add value to the lives we touch, and we are ever grateful to support the goals and dreams of our clients who work hard to improve homes and neighborhoods around the country.

As we stand at the midpoint of 2020, I have a few important items to share with you:

We remain fully operational

In early March we transitioned our staff out of our Calabasas headquarters to serve our customers virtually. Transporting 160+ work stations, providing IT support, and communicating virtually across multiple teams and departments presented some new challenges, but we were able to make the transition quickly and our resilient staff rose to meet and exceed all expectations.

Until we are certain that it is safe to return to the office, our team members will continue to function at full capacity from their home-based work stations. A move back into the office is not anticipated prior to late July or early August. We will keep you posted when there are further developments.

We are funding loans as fast as ever

Regardless of where our Loan Processors and Servicers are based, Anchor’s advanced fintech allows us to receive loan requests in just minutes via our website--and we can assess value, approve borrowers and get funds into our customer’s hands fast.

Our lending capacity is as healthy as ever

While you may have heard that some private lenders in the U.S. have scaled back lending due to a shortage of capital, that is not the case with Anchor. Our lending capacity is as healthy as ever and we do not anticipate any interruption in our lending programs in the foreseeable future.

Providing an exceptional customer experience remains our number one priority

You might have heard that over 85% of our current borrowers are repeat customers who have partnered with us on multiple deals. This data makes us extremely proud. The fact that our customers return again and again to work with us lets us know that our focus on providing an exceptional customer experience is the right focus.

We are optimistic about the future

The unprecedented events we have recently experienced and witnessed in America have left many across the nation feeling isolated and apprehensive about what tomorrow will bring. In our 20+ years in business, we have come to believe that in tragedy there are seeds of change, and in every challenge there is an opportunity to move forward stronger and better than before. We are committed to finding those opportunities and being a part of the solution.

We are hiring

As we continue to expand, so do our career opportunities. Anchor currently has job openings in several departments, including Administrative, Asset Management, Credit, Finance, Marketing, Processing, Technology, and Valuations.

Anchor Loans is fiercely committed to fairness and equal opportunity in hiring. The excellence and diversity of our staff is an organic result of these values.

Interested applicants can visit anchorloans/careers to learn more.

On behalf of our entire team, thank you for choosing to be a part of the Anchor Loans family. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or a member of our team with any questions or concerns.

Steve Pollack
President & CEO
Anchor Loans

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