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Steve Pollack Reviews The Leadership Mindset by Joe Calloway | best books about leadership and management

The Leadership Mindset Book Review

The single most important factor in the success or failure of a business is the mindset of its leadership. Even more than strategy or tactics, it's how leaders think that ultimately makes the difference. Joe Calloway

As a business leadership and management consultant, Joe Calloway’s lengthy client list represents a wide range of businesses of all sizes. His mega-successful corporate clients include Coca Cola, Verizon, Delta Air Lines and American Express.

In addition to his stellar consulting work, Calloway has written some of the industry's best books about leadership and management, including:

The Leadership Mindset is Calloway’s most recent book. Although the page count is shorter than some of his previous work, this book is a thorough and succinct exploration of the qualities, the motivation and the intention behind great leadership. With each chapter Calloway describes leadership in terms of identifiable actions and outcomes that serve as evidence of a leader's mindset. For example:

If The Leadership Mindset had another subtitle, it would be How to Ask the Tough Questions. Calloway spends a significant amount of effort in this book posing questions for the reader that will both inspire and educate them—as well as prompt them to act in ways that will make them exceptional leaders. There are literally dozens of leadership questions throughout the book. Here are a few examples:

In The Leadership Mindset, Calloway advises leaders to be aware that there are many things over which a leader has no control, but only you have total control over your mindset. You can make a conscious, intentional choice about how you think and define your role and responsibilities as a leader.

Calloway asserts that mindset is mostly about attitude. It’s about the way you approach and respond to the world around you. It’s all a choice. It’s a truism that you can’t always choose what happens, but you can always choose your response to what happens. You can choose your attitude. You can choose your mindset. Choose wisely. Choose with intention.

The Leadership Mindset is required reading for anyone in a leadership position looking for new thinking and fresh ideas on how to make your team, organization or company function at its highest potential. If you are looking for one of the best books about leadership and management, The Leadership Mindset definitely fits that category.

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