A Quick Note from Steve Pollack, President & CEO of Anchor Loans

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Note From Steve Pollack

A Note From Steve Pollack

To my Clients, Business Partners, Friends and Family,
I hope you are all managing during this uncertain time and are staying healthy. I
am reaching out to let you know that Anchor Loans is open for business and fully
operational despite the difficult circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
We have a job to do and remain committed to delivering for our clients. I have
been lending at Anchor Loans for over 20 years, and from my perspective, it has
never been easy, and today is no different.
While there is uncertainty in the marketplace, let’s take control of what we own
and make the outcome certain. The American Dream of homeownership is
resilient. Within our market, Anchor Loans provides real estate financing for
investors, contractors and developers. We do our part to make the American
Dream a reality.
As an industry, we will be challenged to ensure that construction projects start
and end on time. We are going to have to work harder, be more resourceful,
think smarter and execute efficiently. We will weather these tough times, and we
often learn the most from overcoming difficulties.
Given the current environment, we are finding new terminology in our
conversations – social distancing, business continuity, pandemic, contact tracing
and COVID-19. All of these words can be distracting and unsettling however, we
remain focused on creating value for our clients and delivering on our promise of
commitment, integrity, trust and responsibility.
We look forward to continuing to serve you and I hope you will reach out to me
personally with any questions.
Wishing everyone health and safety!
Steve Pollack
President & CEO
Anchor Loans

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