How to Pick Affordable Building Materials for a Fix-and-Flip Investment

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It's no secret that renovations require a lot of time and work. Whether you're a novice or expert, you should know that the materials you choose make a huge difference concerning appearance and cost. But with a bit of strategy, you can achieve the best of both worlds. Take a look at these tips and tricks.


Go Eco-Friendly

A sustainable project is one that can bring you the biggest bang for your buck over time. First and foremost, go for recycled or eco-friendly features when possible. Sustainable wood, low-maintenance landscaping, and efficient lighting are often easy wins that create long-term value for potential buyers.


Eco-friendly materials may not always be the cheapest option, but they have a strong return on investment. Overall, you may find that because green homes are in high demand, you can sell yours for a little more than you anticipated. Don't break the bank to make the house sustainable — just remember that it's an option.


Search for Alternatives to Expensive Finishes

Think of numerous ways to accomplish a particular design style. While some buyers will pay extra for luxury touches, it’s not always a bet you want to make. Fortunately, modern and attractive finishes can often be achieved with alternate materials.


Maybe you want to install marble countertops. Instead, try laminate or quartz for a budget-friendly choice. If you want an affordable alternative to classic hardwood, research luxury vinyl — it's incredibly durable and versatile, but cheaper upfront.


If you end up with leftover materials, use them creatively. For instance, installing molding can add a bit of dimension to the interior walls. This way, you can get the most out of your budget and end up with the perfect finished product.


In general, the options are vast when it comes to affordability. The more resourceful and imaginative you are with alternatives, the more you can save while still creating a quality house that can capture buyers’ hearts.


Shop in Various Places

It's easy to pick a few big-box department stores and stick with them. But if you want to choose the right materials, you need to shop smartly. Check out discount warehouses in your area. Sometimes, companies send surplus items to different locations, where they're marked down significantly. Look for specific flooring suppliers and see what they have in stock.


On a similar note, you may find that Craigslist and Facebook Market are helpful. People list tons of materials at low prices every day. Often, they're free and all you need to do is pick them up. You probably won't locate all your required materials on here, but it's a smart option.


Consult YouTube for do-it-yourself instructional videos. Someone else has likely wanted to achieve the same look once upon a time. They may have recommendations on where to find quality materials for less.


No matter what, conduct a bit of research before committing to a purchase. You never know what deals are out there.


Sourcing Affordable Materials for Your Fix-and-Flip

Fix-and-flip projects don't have to cost a fortune. Above all else, try to use recycled materials — doing so is both cheap and eco-friendly.


Think outside of the box for inexpensive materials that still work well in the space. Shop at multiple places so you can find great deals. These tips will save you money and help you build the best house possible.



Guest Writer

Holly Welles is a real estate writer covering property management, investment, and the rental market. She’s the editor of her own blog, The Estate Update, and posts more industry writing on Twitter @HollyAWelles.

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