Anchor Loans Working with Proto Homes to Provide Prefab Home Loans

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Renowned Technology-Powered Prefab Home Brand Works With Nation's Largest Fix & Flip Loan Provider to Create Prefab Home Loans

For the first time, real estate developers and investors can apply for a loan specifically designed to finance the construction of a brand new prefab home.
Prefab homes like those produced by Los Angeles-based Proto Homes are gaining traction across the globe as the modern alternative to traditional homes.

Their virtues, which range from lower costs, smart technology, environmentally-friendly construction, to the speed at which they can be built are expounded by the likes of Dwell and other modern home magazines.

For real estate developers and investors looking for an easier way to build and deliver high-quality homes to their clients, prefabs present an interesting opportunity: They are cost-efficient, easier to build, and take far less time to complete. The difference in effort and time that it takes to build a prefab home versus building a custom home can be likened to assembling a piece of furniture from a set of pre-built components, versus building something from scratch with raw materials.

This presents a NEW opportunity for fix & flip developers wanting to get into more profitable spec development. These homes allow for higher profit margins, and building them is not nearly as challenging as a traditional custom home build.

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