Anchor Loans Co-Founder Jeff Lipton Retiring From Board of Directors

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Calabasas, Calif., July 09, 2019 Anchor Loans, the nation’s leading provider of financing to fix-and-flip entrepreneurs announced today the retirement of the Company’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jeff Lipton.

Jeff Lipton co-founded Anchor Loans in 1998 with a focus on investing in private money loans for first trust deeds. His strategic vision drove Anchor’s growth from a real estate investment start-up out of his house to an established financial institution with over $7.5 billion in total private-money loan volume.

Mr. Lipton navigated the shifting opportunities in the real estate market, developed Anchor’s underwriting capabilities, invested in key technology to scale Anchor’s sophisticated lending platform, led Anchor’s successful navigation through the 2008-2009 national credit crisis, found new sources of capital to fuel Anchor’s growth and was one of the driving forces behind the hyper-growth in the business. Due to Mr. Lipton’s leadership, Anchor was able to achieve tremendous growth while minimizing losses through strong underwriting discipline.

Mr. Lipton led the Company as its CEO from 1998 until 2017 and continued to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors in his last two years before retiring from the business and selling his ownership interests to Wafra Capital Partners in 2019.

Mr. Lipton is currently a member of the Board of Governors of Cedars Sinai Hospital and plans to continue his philanthropic work. He also plans spending more time with his family and friends traveling, and attending events at Staples Center and the new LA Stadium in Inglewood.

About Anchor Loans

At Anchor Loans, we have brought borrowers and investors together for more than 20 years to create mutually beneficial opportunities for all parties. We do this by specializing in the financing of rehab properties that contribute to the improvement of the neighborhoods where they reside. Because we know, understand and anticipate the needs of our clients, we offer the fastest and most reliable funding options on the market resulting in lucrative, honest and long-term relationships. By focusing our mission on these key areas, we continue to grow at a record pace, expanding into new markets and establishing ourselves as a leader in the lending sector for real estate investments.

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