Anchor Loans Announces State-of-the-Art Redesign Of Borrower Account Portal

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CALABASAS, Calif., Aug. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Anchor Loans, the nation's leading provider of financing to fix-and-flip entrepreneurs, announces the launch of its redesigned borrower portal with significant upgrades to its state-of-the-art fintech that streamline the application and approval processes while providing a fully-integrated Anchor Account portal for each customer.

With a focus on streamlining function, eliminating redundancy, fully-integrating data and improving user access and autonomy, Anchor's improvements to its website include:

With a borrower base comprised of 85% repeat customers and a new client roster made up of 75% customer referrals, Anchor Loans' commitment to providing exceptional customer service remains both obvious and effective. These new state-of-the-art fintech upgrades will provide an even more efficient and user-friendly experience for Anchor's existing borrowers and newcomers to its platform.

"We are constantly striving to improve upon our interaction with clients," says Anchor founder and CEO Steve Pollack. "There is nothing in our business model more critical to us than providing superior service. We like to say, 'we are not just a money lender with great customer service, we are a great customer service company that lends money.'"

About Anchor Loans

At Anchor Loans, we have brought borrowers and investors together for more than 20 years to create mutually beneficial opportunities for all parties. We do this by specializing in the financing of rehab properties that contribute to the improvement of the neighborhoods where they reside. Because we know, understand and anticipate the needs of our clients, we offer the fastest and most reliable funding options on the market resulting in lucrative, honest and long-term relationships. By focusing our mission on these key areas, we continue to grow at a record pace, expanding into new markets and establishing ourselves as a leader in the lending sector for real estate investments.

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