Anchor Loans Surpasses $4 billion in Total Loan Originations to the Fix-and-Flip Market

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Over 4 Billion Originated in Loans

As the nation’s largest direct private money lender to the “fix-and-flip” industry, Anchor Loans is pleased to announce that we have surpassed $4 billion in total loan origination volume since our inception over 18 years ago.  This milestone is in addition to crossing the $1 billion dollar mark for loans in a single year in 2016, which as far as we know is a first for our industry.

The Nation's Largest Lender to the Fix-and-Flip Industry


Given the extremely fragmented nature of lenders to the fix-and-flip market, where substantial numbers of small local firms fund between $5 million and $50 million per year, our attainment of over $850 million in assets under management is helping to significantly expand the number of loans we’re making, which already totals over 13,800.


Since 1998 we’ve shown exceptional performance, and 2017 looks to be no different.  Our experience, relationships and proprietary Fintech platform set us apart from other lenders in our ability to rapidly evaluate, underwrite and fund loans, typically in as few as 3-10 business days.


About Anchor Loans

With over 18 years of experience and $4 billion in total loans originations, Anchor Loans is the nation’s largest fix-and-flip lender.  In 2016 alone we originated over $1.1 billion in loans to the fix-and-flip market.  Click here if you are interested in applying for a loan or getting a quick quote.


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