Anchor Loans, Who Provide Bridge Loans for Real Estate, Has Another Record Lending Month – Surpasses $116 million in March



Anchor Loans, the nation’s largest hard-money lender to the fix-and-flip industry, is pleased to announce that March 2017 was another record lending month for the company. We originated over 360 loans totaling more than $116 million dollars, another high-water mark for an organization that has already surpassed $4 billion in loan origination volume, and was among the first to lend out over $1 billion dollars in a single year (2016).


Given the extremely fragmented nature of lenders to the fix-and-flip market, where substantial numbers of small local firms fund between $5 million and $50 million over the course of an entire year, Anchor’s loan volume in March was 2.2x to 30x those amounts, offering further testimony to the size, scale, and scope of our financial resources and lending platform.


Anchor’s experience, relationships and proprietary Fintech platform continue to set the firm apart from other lenders in its ability to rapidly evaluate, underwrite and fund loans, typically in as few as 3-10 business days.


All of this translates into what is now the nation’s premier direct-private lender to the fix-and-flip market with over 14,600 loans originated totaling more than $4.3 billion.


About Anchor Loans


At Anchor Loans, we bring borrowers and investors together to create mutually beneficial opportunities for all parties. We do this by specializing in the financing of rehab properties that contribute to the improvement of the neighborhoods in which those properties reside. Because we know, understand, and anticipate the needs of our clients, we offer the fastest and most reliable funding options on the market resulting in lucrative, honest, and long-term relationships. By focusing our mission on these key areas, we continue to grow at a record pace, expanding into new markets and establishing ourselves as a leader in the lending sector for real estate investments and fix and flip financing.


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