Money Maker or Money Pit? Five Warning Signs It’s Not a Good Fix-and-Flip Investment

For a fix-and-flip investor, there's no thrill quite like finding that diamond in the rough fixer property.  It's almost like a love story, isn't it? Investor meets off-market, neglected property with a highly motivated seller who will settle for a ridiculously low price. The place is ugly, but the investor's eye sees underneath the layers Read this Article »

How Fix-and-Flip Investors Use Wholesaler Networks to Find Lucrative Deals

For a successful fix-and-flip investor, one of the most challenging aspects of doing business is finding viable distressed properties to flip. This is especially true in very competitive markets where properties priced below retail are snapped up by investors as soon as they hit the market. If this is the case in your market, make Read this Article »