Better Ways to Monitor Your Local Markets

Ways to monitor local markets Are you trying to keep an eye on local markets for fix-and-flip trends and deal opportunities?  In a previously released blog post, Anchor Loans highlighted rental market trends across the top 100 markets from   But what about other market insight tools that you can check out on your Read this Article »

5 Most Common Errors Made in House Flipping

  Mistakes in House Flipping  Since the early 2000s, house flipping has become one of America’s most popular trades. While many flippers are having great success, others have failed in the marketplace due to critical factors they’ve overlooked. No amount of insider insights and information can outweigh these five profit-killing mistakes fix-and-flip investors often make. Read this Article »

Will Home Prices in Southern California Continue to Rise?

San Diego Home Pricing  Home prices in Southern California have been increasing for quite some time, which has fix-and-flip investors asking the obvious question, “How high can they go?”   Well, according to Jeff Collins of the Orange County Register, a lot actually. Yes, we know that for 62 straight months Southern California home prices Read this Article »

Discover More About Flip Financing with Our Anchor Loans FAQ

FAQs As a fix-and-flip investor, you may have questions about hard money loans and how they can help you grow and scale your business.  Anchor Loans, the largest lender to the fix-and-flip market, has a team of advisers answering questions every day on exactly this topic.  For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the Read this Article »

What Do Fintech and Fix & Flip Loans Have in Common?

Fintech in the Fix and Flip Industry Fintech, or financial technology, is one of those up and coming terms that investors are starting to hear about, but may not fully understand yet. Similar to other industries where technology tools are streamlining workflows and increasing productivity, fintech includes everything from products like Apple Pay and Quickbooks, to Read this Article »

Twelve Pieces of Advice When Flipping from Our Fix & Flip Lenders

      As fix & flip lenders, we follow the home flipping industry just like you do, and we recently came across a couple of timely lists that we thought were worth passing along.   The first one was “How to Flip a House: 7 Signs You’ll Rake in Huge Profits” from, and the second Read this Article »

Can the Age of a Home Make a Difference?

There are several strategies to finding that next property to fix-and-flip, and one that experienced investors often rely on is looking at neighborhoods with homes that are right around 20 years of age. What’s so special about 20+ year of age? It’s because many of them will only require cosmetic fixes to kitchens, bathrooms and Read this Article »

The Main Stages of Rehabbing Your House

  Now that you have built trust, presented an offer, and closed the sale you are ready for the next phase of your project – rehabbing your house.  There are six key stages to keep in mind, beginning with pre-construction to-do’s and ending with final details.  In between you will address things like structure, systems, and surfaces Read this Article »

Key Steps in Closing Your Next Fix-and-Flip Property

Ok, you have established trust with the seller and now it’s time to get down to the business of closing your investment property. Here are the steps that fix-and-flip professionals take to insure an orderly and effective closing:   Set up escrow Arrange inspections by specialists on your team for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, chimney, well, asbestos, radon, lead Read this Article »

Five Ways to Establish Trust with a Seller

It’s not surprising that when you do the things necessary to quickly establish trust with a seller, your ability to make a successful offer on a fix-and-flip property goes up dramatically. You’ve worked hard to find a very particular kind of seller and property, and now you have to get them to agree to turn that Read this Article »