Flipping Houses in a “Bad” Neighborhood | The Risks and Rewards

Flipping houses in a "bad" neighborhood might seem counter-intuitive to you because industry pros constantly say "look for the worst property in the best neighborhood." Of course, this is to ensure that once you have turned your ugly investment property into a beautiful home you won't have any trouble finding someone willing to buy it.  While that can Read this Article »

Money Maker or Money Pit? Five Warning Signs It’s Not a Good Fix-and-Flip Investment

For a fix-and-flip investor, there's no thrill quite like finding that diamond in the rough fixer property.  It's almost like a love story, isn't it? Investor meets off-market, neglected property with a highly motivated seller who will settle for a ridiculously low price. The place is ugly, but the investor's eye sees underneath the layers Read this Article »

Fix-and-Flip Investing: What Time of Year is Best to Sell My Flipped House?

In fix-and-flip investing, there are so many critical factors that can impact your project ROI. The price and condition of the property, the scope and scale of your renovations, your access to reasonably priced materials, the skill and speed of your contractors, and the attention and response times of your real estate agents--just to name a Read this Article »

Do I Need a Real Estate License to Flip Houses?

Being a successful entrepreneur in any industry requires determination, motivation, confidence, creativity and effective time management, but growing your successful fix-and-flip business also requires an extremely diverse set of additional skills--including the ability to: find listed and off-list properties with sufficient profit potential quickly and accurately estimate property value quickly and accurately determine property condition Read this Article »

Fix-and-Flip Business Management: Why You Need a Receipt Capture App on Your Smartphone

While you are building and growing your fix-and-flip business, one of the major factors that will contribute to your success will be your ability to prioritize, organize, automate and delegate the daily tasks that eat into your precious time as a business owner/operator. The more successful your real estate investment company becomes, the more you Read this Article »

Fix-and-Flip Investing: Heading into 2020 What is the Industry Outlook for House Flippers?

The latest industry numbers are out from the real estate data experts at ATTOM DATA Solutions, and according to their Q2 2019 U.S. Home Flipping Report house flipping is on the rise, and some fix-and-flip markets are seeing an average gross ROI surpassing 100%. However, when it comes to market competition, average number of days Read this Article »

Does a Real Estate Investor Need Good Credit to Get a Fix-and-Flip Loan?

If you are a fix-and-flip investor seeking additional capital to begin your next house flip, you may be considering a fix-and-flip loan from a private hard money lender—and you might be wondering how your credit history could impact your loan approval. If you have ever applied for a conventional mortgage, you know that a bank's decision Read this Article »

My House Flip Isn’t Selling: Now What?

It is a fix-and-flip investor’s worst nightmare. You discover a great distressed property, compare it to local neighborhood comps, calculate that there is plenty of profit between project costs and ARV, buy the property, renovate it, upgrade the landscaping and list your fix-and-flip masterpiece on the MLS. But, you’re not getting any offers. Weeks go Read this Article »

Five Key Tips for Real Estate Investment Success

  I was recently interviewed by Dennis Cisterna, a U.S. News & World Report real estate expert who hosts his own Investability podcast dedicated to teaching listeners how to invest like a real estate insider. During the podcast interview, I shared 5 key tips every real estate investor should know to be successful. You can Read this Article »

Anchor Loans Does It Again – Over $1 Billion in Loans Funded in 2017

  You may be part of the reason we’re celebrating this significant milestone.   Repeating last year’s record-breaking success, for the second consecutive year Anchor Loans funded over $1 billion in loans to real estate investors – and we couldn’t be more excited!  Whether taking advantage of new products like the rental program we launched Read this Article »