Four Popular Trends to Consider For Your New Construction Home

Value. Value. Value. That is the number one driving focus of every successful fix and flip investor planning a new construction home. The question is, how can you be sure each design and construction decision will increase the ARV of the property?  While buyers' preferences may vary depending on where in the country you are Read this Article »

Private Lenders: Surviving and Thriving in the Era of Covid-19

Anchor Loans is featured in this Originate Report story on how private lenders are Surviving and Thriving in the Era of Covid-19. "Dear Readers, We have received a lot of inquiries in the last few weeks regarding how we set  up a remote office. Rather than just responding to people individually with our own experiences, Read this Article »

Work from Home Culture Shift Could Ease Housing Inventory Shortages

Housing Inventory in Metropolitan Areas May Improve While no one is celebrating Covid-19’s near takedown of the U.S. economy,  we may see at least one positive impact of the pandemic on American work culture—that is, with more people permanently working from home, employees will likely move further away from the office, easing the housing inventory Read this Article »

Are Enhanced Unemployment Benefits Keeping Rent Payments on Track?

Q2 rent payments came in at close to normal rates When the COVID-19 crisis emerged in the U.S. in March, rent forbearance measures were adopted in many localities to protect unemployed renters from eviction. At the time, landlords braced for major losses due to their tenants electing to skip rent payments for a few months. Read this Article »

Single Family Home Listings Decline as Sellers Wait Out Covid-19

According to’s April 2020 housing data, single-family home listings have declined significantly nationwide since the Covid-19 pandemic, with real estate markets in larger cities being especially hard hit. For homebuyers who are looking to take advantage of record-low mortgage rates,  available inventory continues to tighten due to the pandemic, with many developers pausing new Read this Article »

How to Qualify for Fix and Flip Bridge Loans During Covid-19

What are Fix and Flip Bridge Loans? Fix and flip bridge loans, also known by real estate investors as bridge financing, or gap financing, are short term loans (typically 6 to 24 months in duration) offered by hard money lenders to help finance the purchase and renovation of investment properties. Some hard money lenders offer Read this Article »

House Flip Completion Timelines Expected to be Impacted by Covid-19

Even in the best of economic times, the completion timeline for your house flip can be negatively impacted by contractor scheduling mix-ups, mistakes with materials, and missed delivery dates that wreak havoc on your project calendar, resulting in delays that cost money and take a bite out of ROI. With all of the knowns and Read this Article »

House Flippers Are Among Small Businesses Poised to Profit from Covid-19 Conditions

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought loss and hardship to millions of Americans, and millions more are fearful and uncertain about what the future holds.  House flippers may find it difficult to focus on the silver linings in these dark clouds,  but while the coronavirus has been wreaking havoc on the U.S. economy in recent weeks, Read this Article »

Anchor Loans’ Exceptional History Funding Fix and Flip Loans in Tough Economic Times

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all of us and reminds us that we are interconnected and we depend on one another in challenging times such as these.  Here at Anchor Loans, as we continue providing fast, reliable fix and flip loans for our customers, we are also focused on the future as we prepare for Read this Article »