Five Key Tips for Real Estate Investment Success

  I was recently interviewed by Dennis Cisterna, a U.S. News & World Report real estate expert who hosts his own Investability podcast dedicated to teaching listeners how to invest like a real estate insider. During the podcast interview, I shared 5 key tips every real estate investor should know to be successful. You can Read this Article »

5 Most Common Errors Made in House Flipping

  Mistakes in House Flipping  Since the early 2000s, house flipping has become one of America’s most popular trades. While many flippers are having great success, others have failed in the marketplace due to critical factors they’ve overlooked. No amount of insider insights and information can outweigh these five profit-killing mistakes fix-and-flip investors often make. Read this Article »

Twelve Pieces of Advice When Flipping from Our Fix & Flip Lenders

      As fix & flip lenders, we follow the home flipping industry just like you do, and we recently came across a couple of timely lists that we thought were worth passing along.   The first one was “How to Flip a House: 7 Signs You’ll Rake in Huge Profits” from, and the second Read this Article »

Can the Age of a Home Make a Difference?

There are several strategies to finding that next property to fix-and-flip, and one that experienced investors often rely on is looking at neighborhoods with homes that are right around 20 years of age. What’s so special about 20+ year of age? It’s because many of them will only require cosmetic fixes to kitchens, bathrooms and Read this Article »

Stories of a First-Time Home Flipper and Single Woman

Journey of a Single Woman House Flipper In a wonderful series of articles, the Chicago Tribune follows Beth Franken, a first-time home flipper and a single woman.  In many ways, her journey is similar to one that almost of us probably went through during our first-time foray into fixing-and-flipping a property. The floor guy doesn’t Read this Article »

Top Criteria to Consider when Targeting Your Next Fix-and-Flip Neighborhood

Finding the Right Neighborhoods  Experts agree that targeting several key neighborhood criteria can lead to more successful fix-and-flip deals.  One of them is focusing on the right neighborhoods given your own personal location and intentions.   Here are several targeting items to consider:   Proximity to your work and home – the closer the better. Selling prices Read this Article »

Anchor Loans Fix-and-Flip Borrowers Guide is Now Available

  Interested in faster loan closings, lower risk, and growing your fix-and-flip business?  Get our free step by step Fix-and-Flip Borrowers Guide for driving ROI and growth.   According to real estate data cruncher RealtyTrac, the average return on investment for U.S. house flips grew from 20% in 2011 to 35% in 2015—with many markets averaging Read this Article »

Looking for a flip-worthy house? Here are 6 “must haves” to consider

    Finding the right house to fix-and-flip requires a variety of strategies and tactics ~ researching and canvasing your target neighborhood, looking for foreclosed properties, and leveraging your network of real estate agents or contractors to name just a few. But what should you start to consider once you find a potential opportunity?   Below are Read this Article »