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This is the second consecutive year that we have originated over $1 billion in loans in a single year. Surpassing $5 billion total, and $1billion in a single year, are firsts for our industry. These achievements reinforce our leadership position in the market. We also have incredibly talented employees who are the most energetic and hard-working in the industry. Their dedication means we are continually raising the bar for our success, and the success of our clients.
Tampa Bay Business Journal
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When the loan matures we want our borrowers to be successful. If a developer runs into a problem, we'll try and help them come to a solution.
New York Times
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Fix and flip investors should make sure their lender has a certainty of funding for them. Anchor Loans originates every single loan on its balance sheet.
Investability Podcast
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Anchor, like numerous other companies, hit a snag during the recession.  Growth slowed and double digit returns evaporated.  But since 2014, loan dollar value has grown between 42 and 60 percent a year.
San Fernando Valley Business Journal
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